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    Don’t Enlist, But Don’t Just Take My Word For It by Lo
    Please pass this on to anyone you know who may be considering enlisting as a soldier (mercenary).

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Nader on Obama: Prepare to be disappointed + Zombies Don’t Thrash


Obama and Change

2008 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader discusses Obama and “change.” From The Forum Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio, October 30, 2008.


Election Night of the Living Dead – Happy Halloween!

“Change” is the mantra of the 2008 presidential election. What’s your breaking point? Don’t be a change zombie – Get out the vote for someone you believe in – Nader/Gonzalez 08.

Music by 0dfx – Zombies Don’t Thrash


We dance-ritual
We skate-release
We dance-not war
We skank-frantic peace
We don’t need your dark mentality
Your ignorance follows
Wherever you go
Zombies don’t thrash
Zombies don’t thrash
Zombies don’t thrash
You’re gonna crash

Trick or Treat – this is a fun video to send to your friends for Halloween.


From Ralph to You 72 Hours Left.

Ralph’s words for you in this most critical period of the 2008 campaign. It’s the last stretch, let’s mobilize.


PunkPatriot: Why I hate Liberals

Adam Kokesh: Vote Your Conscience – Vote Third Party!

Obama: Change You Can Believe In–Not, Part 3: Israel and Iran

The Trail of Broken Promises By Matt Gonzalez

Twelve Reasons to Reject Obama and Support Nader/McKinney

Punk Patriot: Why I hate Liberals


A legit criticism of the Liberal/Progressive movement and it’s spinelessness and stagnation in the USA

Continue reading

The World Tires of Dollar Hegemony By Paul Craig Roberts

Dandelion Salad

By Paul Craig Roberts
October 30, 2008 “Information Clearinghouse

What explains the paradox of the dollar’s sharp rise in value against other currencies (except the Japanese yen) despite disproportionate US exposure to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression?

The answer does not lie in improved fundamentals for the US economy or better prospects for the dollar to retain its reserve currency role.

The rise in the dollar’s exchange value is due to two factors.

One factor is the traditional flight to the reserve currency that results from panic. People are simply doing what they have always done. Pam Martens predicted correctly that panic demand for US Treasury bills would boost the US dollar.

The other factor is the unwinding of the carry trade. The carry trade originated in extremely low Japanese interest rates. Investors and speculators borrowed Japanese yen at an interest rate of one-half of one percent, converted the yen to other currencies, and purchased debt instruments from other countries that pay much higher interest rates. In effect, they were getting practically free funds from Japan to lend to others paying higher interest.

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Expanding War, Contracting Meaning By Andrew J. Bacevich

By Andrew J. Bacevich
October 30, 2008

The Next President and the Global War on Terror

A week ago, I had a long conversation with a four-star U.S. military officer who, until his recent retirement, had played a central role in directing the global war on terror. I asked him: what exactly is the strategy that guides the Bush administration’s conduct of this war? His dismaying, if not exactly surprising, answer: there is none.

President Bush will bequeath to his successor the ultimate self-licking ice cream cone. To defense contractors, lobbyists, think-tankers, ambitious military officers, the hosts of Sunday morning talk shows, and the Douglas Feith-like creatures who maneuver to become players in the ultimate power game, the Global War on Terror is a boon, an enterprise redolent with opportunity and promising to extend decades into the future.


via Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, Strategic Vacuum


Bill Moyers Journal: Is an imperial presidency destroying what America stands for? (must-see)

U.S. to suspend Bolivia trade benefits as tensions mount

Dandelion Salad

By Jack Chang
McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration is poised to suspend lucrative trade benefits to Bolivia in a move that could further worsen tensions between the U.S. and the impoverished South American country.

Administration officials say that Bolivia has failed to cooperate in drug control, which makes the country ineligible to export jewelry, textiles and other manufactured items duty-free to the U.S. under the Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act.

Bolivian officials counter that the threatened action has nothing to do with drug enforcement but is in retaliation for Bolivian President Evo Morales’ expulsion of the U.S. ambassador to Bolivia, Philip Goldberg, last month. The U.S. responded to that move by expelling the Bolivian ambassador to Washington.


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a close Morales ally, sided with Morales by expelling the U.S. ambassador to Venezuela, prompting the U.S. to kick out Venezuela’s ambassador.


via McClatchy Washington Bureau | 10/31/2008 | U.S. to suspend Bolivia trade benefits as tensions mount

Adam Kokesh: Vote Your Conscience – Vote Third Party!

Dandelion Salad


Adam Kokesh in Anti-McCain Ad

The first part of this video is an anti-McCain ad that I was featured in directed by Doug Liman. The second half explains itself.

Comment to “The useless Cuba embargo” By Jim Ryerson + music video

By Jim Ryerson
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
(jim [at] travelingman [dot] net)
Oct. 31, 2008

When I started traveling to Cuba ten years ago to make documentary films about the country’s music and culture, I was fairly certain that the embargo and travel ban could not possibly continue. Seeing Europeans and Asians, and our fellow North Americans from Canada and Mexico traveling around the country, enjoying the beaches, and most importantly interacting with the fantastic Cuban people, I felt that surely the time was ripe for change in this most futile of foreign policies. But when the Bush administration came in, with their ties to the most reactionary of the Miami Cubans, the stranglehold on Cuba only got tighter. Now there is potential for realistic change in this failed half century of aggression which only hurts the average Cubans who, remarkably, still think of Americans as their friends.  Those of us who have been fortunate enough to be able to experience that friendship can only hope that other Americans who choose to do so, will also be able to feel the embrace of this remarkable culture. It’s been way too long. Continue reading