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LaRouche: A nuanced and expert Disinformationist or merely Uber Alles?

by Zahir Ebrahim
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
Zahir’s blog post
Project Humanbeingsfirst
29 November 2008

Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
November 23, 2008
Dateline California, 11/23/2008

I’d like to know why abolishing the “money as debt” paradigm that is legally implemented by the Federal Reserve System, isn’t Lyndon LaRouche’s overarching, coherent, and very first-order solution?

His prescription, as reproduced below, is only useful as a bandaid – or more accurately, as a topical treatment – of the current financial crisis, and by keeping the systemic illness intact, undiagnosed, latent, it leaves wide open the monetary conspiracy for world government under control of the private central banks:

‘ “This is the big explosion, detonating right now,” LaRouche warned. “And so far, I am offering the only coherent solution–bankruptcy reorganization of the entire global financial system–starting with the cancellation of all derivatives obligations. My solution poses an existential threat to the entire Anglo-Dutch financial system of globalization. I know it, many leading bankers and government officials around the world know it, and, of course, the British know it. This is why the fear has turned to outright panic. We are nearing the showdown moment.” ‘ ( LaRouche: From Fear To Panic As Derivatives Crash Hits, Nov. 21, 2008. )

Indeed, if one examines Larouche’s documentary film “1932” about President FDR’s New Deal presented in the backdrop of a broad swipe of Anglo-American history, one notices, amidst the excellent explanation of the British Empire and its organized global free trade, amidst accurate analysis of Lincoln’s stance against the British imperialists, and amidst the insightful exposition of post Civil War miracle of industrialization of the American continent and the lead up to FDR, the bizarre praise of Alexander Hamilton.


A Project Humanbeingsfirst Document: LaRouche: A nuanced and expert Disinformationist or merely Uber Alles?


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Renewed Interest: Analyst Ties Monetary Reform To Social Credit Movement (2007; Richard C. Cook)

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4 Responses

  1. La Rouche has morphed from an early trotskyite background to an extreme right wing demagogue. To read his material and listen to him is worse than Buchanan. To posit the British Empire (sic) as the major threat to the world is the product of warped thinking and an idée fixe. His megalomania is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler but without the class or the marching bands.

  2. LaRouche is a bit like Ron Paul – right on some things that few even dare to bring up, but so horribly wrong in general.

  3. The LaRouchees are the ones who put a proposition on the California ballot in the 80s that would have put people with AIDS in concentration camps. I’m just glad it failed.

  4. Does anyone still bother listening or commenting on anything Lyndon LaRouche does?

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