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Peter Schiff: Americans must prepare for deepening unemployment, inflation and possible breadlines + Schiff Announces Run

Dandelion Salad

Updated: Sept 17, 2009

September 16, 2009

Rockstar Economist Peter Schiff tells RT’s Marina Portnaya that Lehman Brothers failure was a success not a failure. He says Americans will face increasing unemployment, inflation, and possible bread-lines if government backed bail-outs continue.

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Robert Fisk lashes out at West in Middle East


September 16, 2009

Our exclusive interview goes to the heart of the Middle East issue, which is constantly in focus.

RT’s Peter Lavelle spoke to Robert Fisk in Lebanon, who’s one of the most renowned journalists and authors on the subject.

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Can No Drama Obama Stare Down A Confederacy of Dunces? by Robert S. Becker + Network: Mad as Hell

By Robert S. Becker
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Sept. 16, 2009

Moderate voters are baffled, liberals are protesting, and progressives are despairing, “Obama’s a puny reform-change agent, hardly a good liberal, and no antidote to enduring Bush-Cheney crimes. The raving right can’t stand him, the activist left is up in arms, and the mushy center isn’t holding.” Yikes.

After my own bellyaching, I understand these outbursts, quipping this pragmatic, “devout non-ideologue” is tarnishing both pragmatism and devout non-ideology. How can “pragmatism,” work when devoutly allergic to risk-taking and inclined to “let’s make a deal” giveaways? Forget kinship with FDR or LBJ: here’s another naïve outsider Washington bullies pick on like the famed 90 lb. weakling. Without more chutzpah, Obama risks Clinton’s fate, set up as bulls-eye for every redneck pipsqueak brandishing his popgun? Obama’s vacant “yes, we can” call to now evokes for many Kris Kristofferson’s acerbic lyrics, “freedom’s just another name for nothing left to lose.” Could Professor David Michael Green possibly be right, “Eight months into it, it now seems pretty clear that the Obama Administration is finished”? So soon?

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The Dick Cheney Defense by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

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by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
crossposted on Buzzflash.com
September 16, 2009

So Dick Cheney is going around the country justifying torture, (without any proof whatsoever, and anyway in terms of the law, that argument is irrelevant) saying how many hundreds of thousands of lives it saved, that the U.S. is, or at least was when he (ooops, he means Bush) was in power, really a nation with a Unitary Executive that can over-ride domestic law, the Constitution, and international law whenever the President thinks that that is justified for “reasons of national security.” (Sorry Dick, but if you would only read Article II, which defines the Executive Branch, you would know that such a doctrine is not even distantly implied in it, but that’s another story.) Furthermore, he charges that the bringing of any charges against folks who, for example, actually engaged in torture, even of the type not approved specifically by himself, is just pure politics.

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The Private Mandate Sausage Machine by Dennis Kucinich

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by Dennis Kucinich
Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Dear Friends,

It is said one should not ask how sausage or laws are made. Are you concerned about a public option? Let me share with you some insight about health care legislation which may not be good for your health.

A lesson in politics. The Kucinich Prediction: Here’s what’s going to happen …

  1. House will make a big deal about keeping/putting a public option in HR3200 because it competes with insurance companies and will keep insurance rates low.
  2. The White House will refer to the President’s speech last week where he spoke favorably of the public option.
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Wendell Potter: An Absolute Gift To The Insurance Industry

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Think Progress
Sept 15, 2009

On the eve of the Senate Finance Committee’s release of its much anticipated health care plan, Wendell Potter — the insurance industry whistle blower and former communications director of health insurance giant Cigna — called the Baucus framework “an absolute gift to the industry.” “And if that is what we see in the legislation, [America’s Health Insurance Plans chief] Karen Ignagni will surely get a huge bonus,” Potter said at a briefing for reporters.


via Think Progress » Health Insurance Insider Slams Baucus Bill: ‘An Absolute Gift To The Insurance Industry’

h/t: Dr. Connie


The Ed Show – Wendell Potter discusses the Bogus Baucus Bill

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