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“You Got Bailed Out We Got Sold Out”–Thousands Protest on Wall Street

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Democracy Now!
April 30, 2010

“You Got Bailed Out We Got Sold Out”–Thousands Protest on Wall Street

Thousands of people turned out for a protest on Wall Street Thursday to denounce the taxpayer-funded bailout and the role of large financial firms in the nation’s economic crisis. A coalition of union and community groups organized the march as the Senate opened debate on a measure to overhaul financial regulation. [Includes rush transcript]

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The death of an American hospital By Jerry Mazza

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By Jerry Mazza
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
crossposted at Online Journal
April 30, 2010

As I walk past St. Vincent’s hospital in Greenwich Village on 7th Avenue, it seems to be in its death throes. They are taking down the Emergency Room marquee whose red neon was a beacon to the aged and newborn, AIDS-victims, accident cases, the poor, uninsured, and everyday ill.

The 727-bed hospital was founded to serve this lower West-Side area by the Sisters of Charity in 1849, specifically to care for the poor. It is the last standing Roman Catholic general hospital in New York, apparently abandoned by the Catholic diocese, but still in the sights of more than a few predators.

Today, April 21, is a sunny, blue sky day, though darkened by this cloud of St. Vinny’s bankruptcy. It feels like a death in the family. After all, I was born here in 1938, my father born here in 1912, various members of my family were treated here during their lives. I remember St. Vincent’s conducting triage for victims of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the September 11, 2001, leveling of the World Trade Center and Tower 7, caring for our extended family of New Yorkers.

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Wealth for Justice by Ralph Nader

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by Ralph Nader
The Nader Page
April 30, 2010

There are signs that some super-rich are revolting against their “wealth fraternity.” Last fall, mega-billionaire, Warren Buffet, traveled to Washington to meet with Democratic Senators and urge them to raise taxes on the wealthy like him. He pointedly said he pays at a lower rate than his secretary.

The liberal Senators were either bemused, or moved away from him as if he had a contagious disease. Buffett is not deterred. Earlier in this decade, he joined with a thousand other rich Americans led by lawyer William Gates, Sr. and Chuck Collins (founder of United For a Fair Economy) to successfully block the repeal of the estate tax (applied to 2% of wealthier decedents) by a Republican-controlled Congress.

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Chris Hedges: Media Sanitizes War

From my old blog, this is why I started blogging:

What we need on our nightly TV news and in our newspapers are coffins and dead babies, and mutilated soldiers. We have a media blackout on showing what war is really all about. I hold the media responsible as well as our govt. — Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
April 30, 2010


April 30, 2010 — Chris Hedges speaks on war at Capitol Hill teach in

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Down with ‘Too Big to Fail’: Angry Americans march on Wall Street



April 30, 2010 — The largest anti-Wall Street rally since the credit crunch has taken place in New York. Thousands of workers and trade union leaders marched in anger over lost jobs and ruined lives, demanding answers from the source of the trouble – the banks.

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War with China? The Dangers of a Global Conflagration by Prof James Petras

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by Prof James Petras
Global Research, April 29, 2010

Rising and Declining Economic Powers: The Sino-US Conflict Deepens


Will the intensified conflicts between the US and China inevitably lead to a global conflagration?  If recent past history is any indication the answer is a resounding yes.  The most destructive wars of the 20th century were the result of confrontations between established (EIP) and rising (RIP) imperial powers.  The practices and policies of the former serve as guides to the latter.

England’s colonial exploitation of India, its markets, treasury, raw materials and labor served as a model for Germany’s war and attempted conquest of Russia[1].  The enmity between Churchill and Hitler had as much to do with their common imperial visions, as it did their conflicting views of politics.  Likewise, European and US colonial plunder of Southeast Asia and China’s coastal cities served as a model for Japan’s drive to colonize and exploit Manchuria, Korea and mainland China.

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Immigrant-bashers occupy land stolen from Mexico (2006) + Robert Erickson: Here’s to the State of Arizona


By B.J. Sanders
Apr 27, 2006

Mapa de México en 1847

As Congress fights over what anti-immigrant law to impose, and the right wing rails against the powerful new movement demanding legalization of undocumented workers, one question is never addressed by the politicians and pundits: Who does the land of the United States really belong to?

The “founding fathers” and their successors stole the entire country from the Indigenous nations through centuries of war, treachery and genocide. A huge swath of the country was torn from Mexico. Continue reading