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Chris Hedges: Occupy Wall Street Protestors VS Cliven Bundy’s Ranch Protesters

Women arrested by NYC Police Occupy Wall Street 2011

Image by Jessica Lehrman via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

Updated: May 6, 2014

with Chris Hedges

The Big Picture RT on Apr 30, 2014

Chris Hedges, Truthdig, joins Thom Hartmann. The government has treated Occupy Wall Street protestors harsher than its treated actually dangerous people like the militia members who’ve taken over the land surrounding Cliven Bundy’s ranch. Why is that – and what does it say about the state of dissent in America?

see also: The Crime of Peaceful Protest


Updated: May 6, 2014

Occupy activist Cecily McMillan found guilty of assaulting NYPD officer

Cecily McMillan’s guilty verdict reveals our mass acceptance of police violence

from the archives:

Police Arrest 73 in Occupy Wall Street Crackdown As Protesters Mark Six Months of Uprising (Cecily McMillan)

Disturbing Video: Riot police violently disperse Occupy DC with batons

Police with horses charge protesters at Occupy Wall Street + Occupy Rome protest turns violent

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7 Responses

  1. Oops – I meant “useful” – but they’re useless unless you’ve got a few billion to spare.

  2. “Useless idiots for the billionaires!” Well said, Thom Hartmann!

  3. This is heavily misleading. Just because someone is carrying a weapon doesn’t mean they’re looking to fire it at someone. Liberal protestors can get pretty hateful and aggressive in body language, and that’s a lot more indicative of intent to fight than dererrence is.

    • Moreover, the federal government is only meant to hold land as a steward for the people when growth will require it, not to feed it to corporate lobbyists. This is some heavily pro-US fed propaganda, which is surprising coming out of the Kremlin’s mouthpiece, but then I guess they’re both ultimately subservient to the same financial forces.

    • Ah,…last time I looked in on physical phenomena of life,…a GUN or RIFLE has far more the ability to hurt,harm and kill someone than someone brandishing “aggressive in body language”.

      Of course someone carrying a weapon intends to fire it,..it has things little things in the chamber called BULLETS. Unless you want to suggest that these imbeciles at the Bundy ranch were just carrying around rifles with no ammunition to intimidate I have no idea what your logical point could possibly be.

      So, we have “hateful and aggressive body language” verses RIFLES with BULLETS.

      Yea,…your argument is based on solid reasoning,…NOT !!!

      • Earl ,. i am a pacifist . the people i know that own guns are THE most careful people i know . they are not out killing people . they use them like bow and arrow people do ; they enjoy target practice . many of them hunt . Others are gun collectors of guns that some of them dont even work at all , and they all cant stand the NRA .

        but there is this stereotype of gun owners that bothers me , because like any stereotype it is bigotry . This one happens to be bigotry in the name of tolerance. There is bigotry against the Occupy movement too coming from Matthew. in a word gentleman –you are both overgeneralizing and dead wrong .

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