Alabama Getaway: Bush-Rove Legal Perversion Goes South by Chris Floyd

Written by Chris Floyd
Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Scott Horton has put out a detailed and entirely damning piece about the corruption of the judicial process for partisan gain engineered by Karl Rove and the White House down south: Justice in Alabama. The prosecution — and persecution — of former Democratic governor Don Siegelman was a state crime from start to finish, and was clearly orchestrated by Karl Rove and his appointed minions — themselves hip-deep in sleaze, graft and criminal conspiracy. In a brilliantly apt comparison, Horton likens Rove to Andrey Vyshinsky, the prosecutor of Stalin’s show trials, and one of history’s great perverters of the law.

The Alabama case is a microcosm of the Bush Imperium at almost every level: financial corruption, subversion of the law, rampant deceit and abuse of process — and a cowed, co-opted press to help bury the government’s wrongdoing. Siegelman is facing up to 30 years in prison for charges which were so transparently false that they had earlier been dismissed, with prejudice, by an honest judge. But Rove and his operatives merely shopped the case around to a more compliant judge — one riddled with the kind of flagrant conflicts-of-interest that are meat and drink to the Bushist crowd.