Bringing Africa Together: The Unsung Triumph of George W. Bush by Chris Floyd

Written by Chris Floyd
Tuesday, 26 June 2007

You know, we give George W. Bush a lot of good-natured guff around here – strictly for fun, of course, in the spirit of frat-boy raillery that the president loves so well – but sometimes you have to put joking aside, and give our leader the credit he deserves. Mr. Bush has always said that he’s a uniter, not a divider, and he has proven that this year by accomplishing something that no other Western leader has ever done: bringing the fractious continent of Africa together into a new spirit of comity, a unity of purpose that cuts across boundaries of nation, religion, tribe and race.

As you might expect – given the American media’s relentless accent on the negative, the knee-jerk liberal propensity for denigrating everything our bold, beleaguered Commander tries to do – there has been almost no acknowledgement in the stateside press of Mr. Bush’s healing work among those suffering lands. But as the Scriptures teach us, with bitter wisdom, a prophet is without honor in his own house. It often falls to others, to outsiders standing apart from the petty partisan squabbles of domestic politics, to see the true picture of a visionary leader’s accomplishments.


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