Are you a 35 Percenter? You can be. by Lo (Kucinich)

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by Lo

I posted the first video made by The 35 Percenters the other day (Dennis Kucinich is so Nice I’d Vote for Him Twice (vid)). You, too, can join us and be a 35 Percenter. All you have to do is post all the videos and/or help in the making of these videos for Dennis Kucinich’s campaign. We must get the word out on his candidacy and the issues he is campaigning on, which are many, including peace, health care, and the environment. He even proposed a bill to Impeach Cheney!

If you want to know more about Kucinich, I’ve posted many articles and videos and they are listed in my archive from my previous blog on Myspace: Dennis Kucinich. All my new posts are in the category: Kucinich-Dennis.

Please join us. We need you. Thanks for your support.

From the first video:

“Only 35% of registered voters who plan to vote for a Democrat in 2008 have ever heard of Dennis Kucinich. We want to change that.

If you’d like to help, please subscribe to our channel, (35percenters) and rate and share our videos. If you’re a blogger, you can join The 35 Percenters by agreeing to post every video that comes out on your blog.

The following is a list of bloggers who are already part of The 35 Percenters:”

The Largest Minority

Blue Gal

Blue Man

Monkey Muck

Dandelion Salad

Peace Garden

Quaker Dave

Phydeaux Speaks

The Hermit with Davis Fleetwood…

Please visit Dennis Kucinich’ youtube channel


Dennis Kucinich is so Nice I’d Vote for Him Twice (vid)

Thank you, Dennis, for offering REAL health care reform (vid)

On The Issues: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul by Lo

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  6. Hi Anita, I believe I messaged you a while back with the email contact. I’ll message you again as I saved the original.

    Cool that you got to spend time with DK. You are doing a great job on Myspace!

  7. I think I am already a 35percenter since I do the MySpace for Dennis and I work with the campaign as a volunteer. In fact, I spent all day yesterday with DK here in Tampa Bay and Orlando. What else do I need to do to become a member? I understand that there is a private email list. How do I get in on that?

  8. diligent research again 🙂

    will take me a bit to ride through
    but pygmy ponies are endurant as
    we know from the times of frank zappa 😀

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