“Fire the Grid” on July 17 at 11:11 AM GMT (Pray for the Planet) (updated: video)

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“Fire the Grid”


The light beings use the term “fire the grid” when they speak of the energizing of humanity with divine power, on July 17, 2007. They say firing the grid will accomplish two things. First, it will pulse healing energy into the center of the earth and regenerate the core, or the heart of the planet. Just as we poured our energy into my dying son, we will individually give the gift of our true intention, the gift of our individuality and the gift of our healing energy. As they explained, my son’s energy field was badly deteriorated, as is the Earth’s. We must pour some of our living energy into the Earth, and the accumulation of our combined energy will regenerate the Earth. They told me humans are like little lightening rods, channelling God’s energy to the planet. Because we have separated ourselves from our complete connection to The Source, by not having a fully functioning human grid, God’s energy has not been able to easily flow into the Earth. If we choose to come together to rebuild our grid, then the natural flow of energy between us and God, God and the Earth, and from person to person, will be restored. Do you see what a wonderful gift you will give? This energy will live on eternally with the earth and its inhabitants; the splendour of the creator’s intention for us realised in the creation of this new energy field for our planet.

How do we do this you ask? The time has been set for July 17, 2007 at 11:11 Greenwich Mean Time. document.write(localTime);— 06:11 (6:11 AM) in Central Time Zone — I have been given no indication about why this date and time have been chosen, but this date has been told to me over and over again. I have been asked to bring together as many humans as possible, throughout the world from every corner of the globe, to simply sit and pray or meditate for one hour during that time. Hopefully, with your help, we will amass a union of humans, such as the world has never seen. Loving humans with one intention – to heal our planet and awaken our souls to our true purpose… to become one with our Source of Light.

This planned sitting of the people of earth will demonstrate the love and faith we feel for the goodness of our world and her inhabitants. We are the catalyst to the healing of earth. A true believer has the power of ten fold, so if you only think you may believe, know that the faith of the others will boost your own faith and the power will be intensified. That is why we must all sit at the same time. We will feed each others power, strengthening the force of delivery and compounding the energy we send into the core of our home. Each and every one of us is important alone, but together we are a very powerful source of creative energy. Remember we are all a piece of God, and that energy of creation lives in all of us.

There are three types of humans today that will bring power to this project. First, we have those of you already practicing in an organized religion. I am not asking you to change any of your faiths or truths, just know that if the God of your understanding is truly omnipotent, then all things are possible – so why not this. What better use of our human energy and prayer than to heal the earth and unite mankind with God’s grace and goodness.

Then we have those who have been searching outside the organized religions to find a different, more individual way in which to believe and live in the light of our creator. We each search for a more individual way in which to know God. These people I refer to as the new age light workers. These light workers will feel the truth of these words and will simply know deep inside that the plan of which I speak is indeed a truth, a clear direction in which you can be of assistance to the Earth.

The fence sitters make up the third type. I call you fence sitters because you truly wish you had faith but the state of the world has beaten any faith out of you. You long for the loving touch of faith; however you feel that God has abandoned us. Two and a half years ago this was me. I had become hardened to the reality of the world and had no faith that God would ever intervene and save us. I was angry at God for letting us down and delivering us such chaos. However I have seen that God has only provided us with that which we desired. We believed we were sinners and not worthy of Gods love. We were lost to the fact that we are a piece of God and therefore able to participate in our lives with the Creator. Now to all of you who were like me, I issue a challenge. Suspend your scepticism for just one hour of your life, and just sit, alone or with others, to think about the beauty of this planet, to appreciate all that you have and all that you are, and to give hope for an improved future for us all.

This plan involves only one hour from each of us. Our combined energies will work to direct energy to the Earth and to each other. I ask you to choose the way in which you deliver your intention. For those of you that pray, then pray for the hour asking for the faith and power to accomplish this tremendous task. Those of you, who meditate, meditate and see the intention of your thoughts swirling deep inside our earth delivering the love and healing. Those of you who have no ritual of faith may simply develop one that works for you. If you sit quietly and repeat a phrase of your intention such as “I offer you my energy to heal this world and its people.” Any positive words of hope, love and desire for change will manifest these thoughts as reality – our new reality. If possible, gather with others during this hour. I have found that the intensity of my meditation heightens when I am sharing the experience with other people.

On my journey to building this website I have been enchanted by the music of Bradfield and Anael. They have been playing the background music for this website. I have been informed by my light friends that the frequency of the song “Sky Sent” will facilitate the opening of the soul and help with the frequency adjustment. As we enter a time of more loving energy the frequencies of our earth will heighten. The tonal frequencies of this song awaken a sleeping piece of our soul to remind us of the potential within us all. This song is available for download, and if you listen carefully with your heart, you will not only hear the truth in the words but your body will feel the stirrings of remembering who you really are. We need only open ourselves to this possibility to feel the music’s gift. For those of you interested in expanding yourselves with other loving tones built into music I suggest you experience “Buddha Spirit” , a meditation CD by the same artists, or the “Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey” CD by Anael, from which “Sky Sent” originates. This music will facilitate with the ascension process. You are a part of God entitled to all the wonder and splendour of the Creator’s earthly gifts. [Ed.: The background music playing on this website is from the album Within our Reach.]



Shelley Yates-Fire the Grid-Part 1

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8 thoughts on ““Fire the Grid” on July 17 at 11:11 AM GMT (Pray for the Planet) (updated: video)

  1. Wonderful to see this everywhere 🙂 Wishing us all peace and calm in order to meditate/pray or ponder at 11:11am GMT on 17th July 2007 for a healed world and humanity united.
    Tina Louise x

  2. As a practitioner of energy healing, I also believe that there is a time of crucial timing right now for the Earth and the Universe, alike. It is important that those of us that embrace both the positive nature of intention and its abilities to heal anything at anytime, and anywhere, need to fire the grid all at once to cause the flux that is overdue in the world. Fix the pain, fix the panic, fix the chaos, and fix each other through the loving gifts we all provide one another and the Universe.

    If we do this, the most amazing things are going to happen. Believe in “The Secret,” for instance, and that, in itself, will also allow your lives to bloom and flourish in ways only imagined in your dreams. Share your gifts with the Earth, and what will happen next will truly amaze you and you will definitely feel the effects of this energy all over you. Spin your chakras all at once, all 12 of them if you can, be grounded with the Earth, and believe you are one of many making the difference in what will be a new tomorrow.

    Blessings & Light,


  3. Whatever we believe in is our personal belief. But whether we pray and/or meditate, the fact is this ailing earth (which we polluted and destroyed in many different ways), and our thoughts and actions individually and collectively sure can use a tune-up!

    love and peace to all…

  4. I feel that Mary has a focused and valid point. If we were to look at this logically, like a computer without a virus, it is easy to see that a vast majority of religions are based on ‘hokey’ stories. I’m not belittling anyone’s beliefs here, I’m just applying a common algorithm to all cases involved. But, the truth of it is, is that the stories behind the meanings are just stories; it’s the meaning that stays and echoes in the soul, in the heart, in the mind.

    The meaning behind this story is profound to me. When I stop to imagine millions of people, from every walk of life and belief and color, stopping simultaneously and joining in a massive prayer/meditation/chant that’s focused entirely and completely on the betterment of this Earth; it moves the core of my spirit in a depth that I’ve never known. I can’t wrap my mind around how this idea can’t be a good thing! I believe that this is the kind of event that does make a difference. I don’t know what/where that difference is going to manifest; I don’t care. I know that I can’t ‘save the world.’ But, that DOES NOT EXCUSE me from doing something, anything that I can! People can nay-say all they want; and they do! But, I’ve seen very few nay-sayers ever get up and do anything to change bad situations, so I must consider the source.

    People who cherish the little hope left on this planet, people who want to love but are told not to, people who see more than skin color, people who love their neighbor, these are the people that have always brought about enlightened change. For the first time in the course of human existence and history, all of these people, I, and you reading this, can pray/meditate/chant together, at the same time, for the same thing. How would anyone not want to participate in that?

    July 17, 2007 @ 11:11 GMT –

  5. On July 17th, 2007 there will be unique opportuniaty for critical mass to take effect and unite in ONE a body of like-minded individuals in a wave of human kindness, such as the world has never seen.

    More than 10 million hearts of INTENTION will broadband together in a vibrational ‘joyous noise’ of love, ushering in a new earth, and a new humanity.

    One woman’s voice to the world called, and 10 million responded. How incredible! Shelley Yates is the change maker of a value system that just made the ‘life boat scenario’ important on this planet. When women and children are put first, and the men that love ‘them’, everything else falls into place.

    Can you imagine, dear people…for the first time ever the world in record numbers will stand up and stand in TOGETHER…for the love of peace, the love of the planet, and become what we are
    to be…an 11:11 miracle.

    This gift awaits, all we need to do is be present.
    On July 17 of this year there is a party on this planet and everyone is invited.


  6. Well, I’m a Messianic Jew and a very strong believer and follower of Y’shua (Jesus). You couldn’t change my mind as my heart is in love with God, through His Son, Y’shua.

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