The (One) Good Thing about the Bush Presidency by Glitzqueen

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The (One) Good Thing about the Bush Presidency

by The Other Katherine Harris

Thinking toward Independence Day tomorrow and of my generally uncelebratory spirit, I was struck by one cause for festivity: Shrub and His Thugs woke us up! Thanks to their total trashing of America’s values, liberties, economy and reputation, more of us are now focused on politics than ever before in my lifetime. Through decades of taking it all for granted, most Americans were “4th of July patriots” (in the manner of “Easter and Christmas Christians” and “Rosh ha-Shanah and Yom Kippur” Jews).

Had we been this alert sooner, we wouldn’t have spent the ’80s, ’90s and part of this decade playing into the hands of increasingly powerful corporate interests. We wouldn’t be paying companies to ship our jobs overseas; we wouldn’t be awash in illegal immigration due to the effects of NAFTA; we wouldn’t have allowed K Street and religious radicals to run Washington; we wouldn’t have allowed media conglomeration and destructive educational policies to dumb us down; we wouldn’t have allowed our government and military to be privatized; we wouldn’t have allowed our labor unions to be undermined, with predictable losses of compensation and benefits; we wouldn’t have allowed dangerous changes in health care delivery, environmental rules and food protection standards; we wouldn’t have allowed a corrupt “justice” system to take hold; and we certainly wouldn’t have elected (and re-elected) “leaders” who shamed us by waging aggressive war and torturing prisoners.

We’d have said a resounding “NO” to all of these travesties and so many others that I can’t possibly begin to name them all.

Sure, plenty of us are still asleep at the switch — but every day more of us begin to rouse and realize both that the switch is within reach and that, all along, we were the ones meant to be driving. So tomorrow let’s celebrate the growing number of Americans who are seriously pondering what this country was established to be, how far we’ve drifted from our founders’ inspiration and what we can do, as Everyday Patriots, to turn this disaster around.


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