George Bush was behind September 11 attacks, says French politican

From correspondents in Paris

July 07, 2007 09:43pm
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A SENIOR French politician, now a minister in President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government, suggested last year that US President George W. Bush might have been behind the September 11, 2001 attacks, according to a website.
The website, which promotes September 11 conspiracy theories, has posted a video clip of French Housing Minister Christine Boutin appearing to question that Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda group orchestrated the attacks.

Ms Boutin’s office sought to play down the remarks.

Asked in an interview last November, before she became minister, whether she thought Mr Bush might be behind the attacks, Ms Boutin says: “I think it is possible. I think it is possible.”

Ms Boutin backs her assertion by pointing to the large number of people who visit websites that challenge the official line over the September 11 strikes against US cities.

“I know that the websites that speak of this problem are websites that have the highest number of visits … And I tell myself that this expression of the masses and of the people cannot be without any truth.”

Ms Boutin’s office sought to play down the remarks, saying that later in the same interview she says: “I’m not telling you that I adhere to that position.”

This comment does not appear on the video clip on ReOpen911.

Numerous other websites have also posted the clip in recent days and the story has started to seep into the mainstream media.

“Christine Boutin snared by her controversial suggestions about September 11,” Le Monde newspaper said in a headline.

Liberation newspaper quoted Ms Boutin’s spokesman Christian Dupont as saying that she had not wanted to appear pro or anti-Bush at a time when Mr Sarkozy was being branded a “US poodle” after meeting the President in Washington.

“And then she is not the foreign minister,” Mr Dupont added.

France appears to be particularly fertile ground for conspiracy theories.

In 2002, a book that claimed that no airliner hit the US Pentagon in the September 11 attacks topped the French bestseller lists.

However, the French are not alone in their scepticism.

According to a Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll carried out last July, more than one-third of Americans suspect US officials helped in the September 11 attacks or took no action to stop them so the US could later go to war.

The US State Department has rejected these accusations.

Almost 3000 people died when hijackers crashed planes into New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

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5 thoughts on “George Bush was behind September 11 attacks, says French politican

  1. I don’t know what I believe about 9/11, however I definately don’t believe the original story that’s for sure! And Bush knew what was going down on that fateful day, so my question was how much did he know. France isn’t the only country with thinking 9/11 was an inside job either.

  2. I started to write a comment, but it got to long, so I turned it into a post of my own. But I’ll sum up my two main points: First, Boutin needs to realize that just because “the masses” find conspiracy theories entertaining does not mean they necessarily hold water. Second, we’ll never get the real truth as long as the hobby conspiracy theorists keep coming up with new, bizarre scenarios. Why should the Bush administration answer tough questions when imaginative idiots keep resupplying them with easy ones?

  3. i’m not saying i agree nor disagree, however even if Bush was involved, how could he be the only President of the USA; let alone other government officials; being blamed for at least knowing or having any inclination of 9/11 happening or even going to happen let alone other attacks that have happened in the past? and why attack Bush either way, as he isnt the only country leader whom has had to at least face and/or deal with attacks at different times whom may have been warned or clues flown around several different ways and not heeded them nor understood them either, but like i said i neither agree nor disagree, but show me the proof

  4. All I can say, is that we have not been told even half the truth. I own that there is far more to it. Everyone within the sound of this should look into it. They are lying and far more than by omission alone.

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