Away with the Fairys by Lo + Away with the Fairys: Shout!!!! (music video; 9/11)

I first wrote this 12.06.05 (edited 07.08.07).

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Away with the fairys

This is the first time, I think, that I’ve written about a new band in a blog post. I LOVE this band’s music and lyrics.

Here’s some more info on this band from their website.

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From their music page:

One day I received a mail from the folks above asking if I could maybe rock up a piece of music they had painstakingly written. This was indeed no easy task, the original was over 6 minutes long, which I thought was a bit long, and it didn’t seem that there was any chance of putting a solo guitar or whatever in there. But……………..

Being in agreement with what the words and song communicated I got stuck in straight away. This is the result. And now its 7 minutes or so…HA!


You lied

words & music by Signs of the Times

D A6

You told the world Saddam had chemical bombs
Em A6 To kill us all in our homes, on our farms
D A6 You said he sent his men into the heavens Em A6 big planes crashing down, September 11
D A6
You lied, You lied,
Em A6
People died, When Bush lied
I’ve got some questions, wipe that smirk off your face
Betraying your people, that’s a real disgrace
See I’m having a hard time finding that plane
you said hit the Pentagon, bursting into flames
Vapourising the aircraft, didn’t leave no remains
But the bodies appear not to burn quite the same

More lies Yeah, yeah, more lies
America died, When Bush lied

And talk about mir’cles, did you see how they fell,
the three towers in New York, those charges worked well
Flattened out in a straight line, just like it was planned
Did you think we were so stupid that we wouldn’t understand
And it’s a pity about the folks there on Flight 93,
Just as they took back control, you blew them to smithereens

You lied, You lied
Heroes died, when Bush lied

You say Osama is living in a place you have traced
But you don’t go and get him, it seems such a waste
Could it be it’s because he’s still one of your men
A C-I-A asset just like he was then
He endorsed your campaign in a last minute pitch
Is he just one more man who has gotten quite rich

From your lies, Your lies
Freedom died, from your lies

How about those Israelis dancing to their success,
On the rooftops of Jersey, they created a mess
So you sent them back home with a slap on the wrist
Told the cops not to bother, ’cause they don’t exist

It’s a lie, You lied
Justice died, when you lied

Now people are dying through your crimes in Iraq
You’ve killed more than Saddam, though you don’t care to keep track
Cause they’re only some Arabs in a faraway land
That Yahweh has promised to his chosen band
While Sharon and his cronies pull on your strings
When he opens his mouth your whole government sings

His lies, His lies
Palestinians die, With Bush lies

Next time you talk to your God, I’ve got a question for him
What side is he on or does it change on a whim’
There’s a whole lot of people, suff’rin here in his name
What kind of pyscho is he that he’s playing this game
It sounds more like the devil is guiding your hand
Destruction and death are the plagues of the land

of your lies, your lies
Children die, When Bush lies

You see, Mr President, there’s something amiss
Two elections you lost, but you overcame this
By rigging the vote, not counting the blacks
You’ve ensured two full terms, the dry drunk is back
And now they’re changing the laws to get you a third
The brown shirts are charging at the front of the herd

of your lies, your lies
Democracy dies, When Bush lies

The question remains what can we do about this
Most people refuse to consider this list
They’re lost in illusion, can’t recognise proof
so we offer this song to all who stand for the truth

No more lies, No more lies
Must we all die, Because of your lies
No more lies, No more lies
Must we all die, Because of your lies
Your lies
copyright 2005 Signs of the Times


Replaced video Apr. 2, 2014


Mrliverpoolborn on Apr 5, 2012

I recorded this in about 2006/2007 and then put these clips together as the video for it. Lost the video i made and found it a few hours ago 5 years later on a cd i had stored files on. 🙂