Ralph Nader on the Candidates, Corporate Power and His Own Plans for 2008 (video link)

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Monday, July 9th, 2007

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The race for the 2008 election is on, and all we hear about is the race for the money. Presidential hopefuls are vying with each other to raise tens of millions of dollars for what is projected to be the most expensive election in history. But hardly anyone is talking about where this money comes from or where it ends up. Fewer still have asked persistent questions about corporate America’s grip over not just the elections, but most policy decisions out of Washington, DC.Today, we spend the hour with a man who has spent the last four decades doing all of this and more. I’m talking about consumer advocate, corporate critic, and three-time (will it be more?) presidential candidate Ralph Nader. We spoke with him in June at the end of a conference called “Taming the Giant Corporation.” [includes rush transcript]

  • Ralph Nader, consumer advocate, corporate critic and three-time presidential candidate.





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