The Conquest Continues

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Coordinadora Nacional Indigena y Campesina
57 min 47 sec – Jul 2, 2007

In order to fund further wars for resources, capitalists need the resources of Land and Labor. Imagine a SUPERSTATE a single economic and military government that stretches from Canada to the ends of South America. This nightmare is the “Free Trade Area of the Americas” or (FTAA.)

This documentary is about the Plan Puebla Panama or (PPP). The PPP is the main infrastructural backbone of the FTAA. The PPP is the ten-lane highway, the energy corridor, and bio piracy corridor that may make it all possible. Behind this threat stands the looming specter of violent western hemispheric military integration.

Together we stand at a turning point in the story of humanity. Witness this important documentary and talk with friends. Conspire for justice, end the next 100 years of war, and US expansionism.

video no longer available


Free Trade and Rural Crisis in Latin America 2007

One thought on “The Conquest Continues

  1. Water, a natural resource, a necessity, a money making business. “We” deserve to right to water, just as “we” deserve the right to breathe air. Commodities are enslaving us already, but to take something that belongs to all people, is once again criminal. Will the air “we” breathe be the next commodity, after all “we” can’t live without it, and think of all the money wasted not pursuing the rights to air. Just because water is below ground, doesn’t make it privately owned, unless “all people” can drill wells, then it may be privately owned.

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