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 Firefighters “Swift Boat” Giuliani!!! (video)




12 thoughts on “FIREFIGHTERS BLAST RUDY GIULIANI! (video; 9-11)

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  3. Blame the victims, it worked yesterday, it will work tomarrow. Rudee recovered the gold, and alls well, the remains were always secondary.
    It’s about the money.

  4. Yikes, that supposedly sympathetic newscaster was rather confrontational with the FDNY guy, wasn’t he? I don’t think I’ve heard so many attempts to talk over someone and interrupt/dominate the conversation since I watched Falafel-lad pretend to interview Ann Wright. Has NBC been drinking the Faux News kool aid or something?

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  6. Oh, and the dressing in drag. I have no problem with gays, straights, trans, bi’s, etc. etc. Nothing at all, the only problem that I have is when our society discriminates against these people, etc.

    But for a ‘Republican’ to dress drag, what, 3 times?? For charity, whatever, BUT very hypocritical of the entire process/party (expected) BUT how do these people believe anything that comes out of his mouth?? ((((And leaving 9/11 alone on this one truthers))))

  7. I have already watched this, but since you are my favorite blogger Lo, I will state that I sent this video to the only person that I know ‘online’ that supports Guiliani. I think his media attention is extremely over-rated. Personally, I can’t stand him and I know those in the Big Apple can’t stand him either. Even as trivial as him banning ferrets had them mad.

    Word of advice to Guiliani (with my anti-repub self) PLEASE read the 9/11 Commission Report! That makes you look like a HUGE ASS!!! (Especially debating people that have read it)… ((((moron))))

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