Kucinich: Attempt made to rig presidential elections (video)



Still more White House secrecy — this time in the Tillman investigation by Glenn Greenwald + Olbermann: WH Invokes Executive Privilege In Pat Tillman Case! (video; election 08 debates)

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  2. i like kucinich’s ideas. i admire his bravery, his intellectual rigor. his heart is in the right place. i just have a problem with the implementation. this is the true debate between paul and kucinich. the question is: should be implement these ideas on the federal level, which would require a central planning agency with departmental bureaucracies and an autocratic president, or should we implement these ideas on the local/community level, in which case we would require real grassroots activity, consumer education and political participation (if you want health care for poor people in your community, *you* would get together with like-minded people and pay into a universal health care pool, rather than stealing from other people who don’t agree with you and forcing them into your system; this is another example of the dangerous tendencies of a pure democracy where the majority can vote away your constitutional rights, like what is happening with gays and women in iraq where we have spread our “democracy”). i think the system we have set up, where you vote people into power to take care of these social issues on the national level so that you don’t have to worry about them on the local level, is really an illusion of political participation and a form of intellectual bankruptcy, in the sense that you cannot tolerate competition and you want to subsidize one set of ideas with a federal mandate at the expense of all the others. when the founders said “government for the people, by the people” they did not intend for congress to stay in session all year talking about how best to run people’s lives–this is not what they meant by civic life/political participation. they meant that congress should meet “at least once a year” and *only* to assess how well the country is doing in terms of national defense and the defense of the constitution/individual liberty, i.e. your ability to run your own lives. in this sense, the duty and responsibility falls on you make sure there is social justice in your community, to be the entrepreneur and develop the organizations/unions/charities/schools/sustainable business models/whatever you desire. wouldn’t you rather know *for sure* where your money/investment is going and see the fruits of your labor in your own community, rather than leave open the possibility of federal bureaucrats squandering it on endless wars and corporate subsidies? don’t you want to make sure there is no collusion with special interests behind the scenes trying to buy off special favors from the all-powerful regulators in washington, who have the ominous ability to create monopolies and destroy market competition altogether? if you want to understand the bloody history of socialism, it comes down to one simple flaw: the implementation of ideas through the use of centralized coercive force. taxation is a form of coercion, redistribution at the point of a gun. that is why so many socialistic states (like our current welfare/warfare state) are so vulnerable to totalitarianism; it takes a “strong leader” to ensure universal social justice/equality for all. equality of opportunity is one thing, but equality of result is quite another–the only way you can make sure that no one comes up short, all else being equal, is to make people pay for the mistakes of others–and this requires something of a police state to achieve. mao and stalin had good intentions (food for all). again, it was the implementation that was at fault (collective agricultural policies that resulted in mass famine). i would really like to know where the kucinich supporters stand on this fundamental issue.

  3. Splitin’ the Pot, boy, and girl ?
    Better hurry, there aint much left !
    Speaking the truth hurt’s sometimes.
    First impression’s are hard to change.
    And so on,
    and so on,
    and so on
    How ya like the “new” survalance measure’s Now !
    Vote by absentee Ballot, No Morph !

  4. Oh yeh, and before the 9/11 truthers (Paul flock) jump on me, I like Paul and Gravel, just prefer Kucinich!!

    The rest of the candidates can go straight to h*ll for all I care.

  5. Damn me being a Sociologist! I’m so sick of this!! Kucinich is the best candidate, the ‘ONLY’ candidate doing so many different things (Impeachment – VP first the Bush, not voting for war from day one, speaking out about how biased the media is and wanting to equalize it and obtain 100% free speech, health care, etc. etc. etc. )

    I could go on forever and this guy has ‘Bills/Laws’ already written up! H-R blah blah blah. Sorry but I’m not remembering all those numbers, it’s the point! I told my dad just today that if Dennis were to win, he probably would get straight to work and start rubber stamping all of his great laws to Congress!!

    Dennis is by far the best and it also drives me nuts because everybody that is against this war, talks bad about the entire administration, 9/11 truthers, etc. won’t even open their ears and listen to Dennis. Those people are confused and are focusing on his appearance (short/scrawny) or his opinion on guns (which could and would never be taken away from Americans, that’s our numero uno). Then to not support him on every other little thing that he’s about! He’s the only one making the media interview his ass about rigged elections, the media, healthcare (Michael Moore sure seems to endorse him, watch SICKO dumbies!) Then to call Hillary and Edwards out! AND Bush & Cheney!!! GO KUCINICH!!

    “I’m the kinda guy that believes he can win a rigged game.” Kucinich said at the very end with a smile.

    I say, “Go Kucinich, YOU have MY vote!!! Bless your heart!”

    I’m officially his cheerleader 😀

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