Olbermann: Iraqi Policemen Open Fire On Us Soldiers! (video)

Dandelion Salad

JULY 13, 2007 

One thought on “Olbermann: Iraqi Policemen Open Fire On Us Soldiers! (video)

  1. Amazing. I wonder when the US will get a clue??? It seems as if nobody gets it. DUH. My sister is an Iraqi War Vet, and she has told me we could kill one Iraqi insurgent, then two would pop up, kill those two, four will pop up. It’s a breeding ground for these battles (and to think they’ve been fighting amongst themselves since the beginning of time). But looking at the overall condition of that area, are we not surprised that this war has not ended? Also, she said that you can’t tell the difference between your friend or your enemy. And gotta love the terrorist organizations names, Al Qaeda, gives you that creepy feeling ey? LOL. Think it’s time for a name change. It drives me crazy how all terrorists are Al Qaeda members (far from the truth) and how Al Qaeda is responsible for everything that happens. (That’s conspiracy in itself!)
    Gotta give it up to the man Olbermann.
    Thanks Lo!

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