The YouTube Interview: Ron Paul (video)

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Watch Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul answer YOUR questions submitted via YouTube.Paul talks about individual liberties, plays a game of “small government, short answers”, and talks about the impact of the Internet on his campaign.


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9 thoughts on “The YouTube Interview: Ron Paul (video)

  1. Heh,
    I was getting ready to post an answer to the first comment but I see that Bon did a far better job of it than I could have.
    I am getting a kick out of watching the various attempts to smear Ron Paul as a “caveman”, “racist”, “nutjob” ….which all seem to evaporate once a fact-checker shows up.
    So many attacks; some people have a big worry don’t they ?

    I agree with the poster who wrote that it will be an honor to cast my vote for Congressman Paul.

  2. in answer to the comment above (also from the carpetbagger site):

    All of your points are factually incorrect.

    * Libertarians say that a person’s reproductive rights should be sacrosanct.
    Not exactly. Libertarians believe no person has the right to initiate violence againts another. Some of them don’t consider a fetus “alive”, so they can be aborted. Some of them do, and don’t want to allow it. Paul is one of the later types, though he recognizes the federal government has no right to rule on the issue one way or the other. The link posted earlier:
    confirms this.

    Support of an amendment is the only constitutional way to ban abortions. Paul is pro-life and pro-constitution, so it only makes sense he’d support something like this. Of course, such an amendment would never be ratified.

    * Libertarians believe in open borders
    Paul believes in open boarders as well, though not with costly welfare states. Paul believes we encourage illegal immigration with our entitlements and education being freely given to illegals. So we’d need rather sweeping reforms to allow immigrants to come in freely without everyone else in America paying for them.

    Then there is the terrorist threat and open borders… Any nation has a right to defend itself, and if that means closing its borders, it can do so.

    * Libertarians assert that what you believe about religion is your own business and say government should not meddle in theological matters
    And thats exactly what Paul believes. He doesn’t want the federal government involved. He believes prayer should be allowed in schools, but it most certainly should not be mandated or banned by the government.

    * Libertarians maintain that an individual’s sex life should be of no concern of the government.
    Paul agrees, which is why he doesn’t want the federal government to have any say in marriage at all. It has no authority to rule on marriage, and under the constitution any attempt to do so is null and void.

    He talks about the court-stripping issue here:
    He wanted to remove the power of the federal government to rule on all sorts of cases, so court-stripping is a logical and constitutional way to do that.

    Keep in mind that above all, libertarians must respect the rule of law. The law, in our case the constitution, is the only thing which keeps the federal government from ruling on every aspect of our lives. In modern times the text of it is largely ignored, but we thankfully still have the amendments (bill of rights, etc) to protect us.

    By the way, the term “libertarian” came from “liberal”. The founders of America were considered liberals, but that philosophy has slowly been altered towards socialism (especially after FDR’s New Deal). So for a time it was reffered to as “classical liberalism”. In 1955, some guy named Dean Russel wrote:
    “Many of us call ourselves “liberals,” And it is true that the word “liberal” once described persons who respected the individual and feared the use of mass compulsions. But the leftists have now corrupted that once-proud term to identify themselves and their program of more government ownership of property and more controls over persons. As a result, those of us who believe in freedom must explain that when we call ourselves liberals, we mean liberals in the uncorrupted classical sense. At best, this is awkward, subject to misunderstanding. Here is a suggestion: Let those of us who love liberty trademark and reserve for our own use the good and honorable word “libertarian.””

    So when you speak of libertarians, be aware you speak of the classical liberals who founded America. The founders were educated in history, and they (ok, except Hamilton) knew what unchecked government expansion would lead to. Given our 60-trillion dollar entitlement problem which is going to hit home in a few decades, I think Jefferson was right. You can’ trust politicians to spend your money wisely, and if you allow them too much power they will spend today and pass the bill to the future generations to pay off via debt. Its a problem which has plagued many republics throughout histroy – our problems are nothing new.

  3. I will be registering to vote for the first time in over thirty years just for the honor of being able to cast my vote for Dr. Ron Paul. Just when I started to feel that America was totally doomed, you came along and gave me something to hope for. You will always have my love and respect no matter what happens in the election. Thank you for being a candidate. I’m not the praying type, but my prayers are that you are always kept safe and that you are elected President of the united States of America.

    Dennis, very nice interview. Great job, thank you! Dr. Paul, you were fantastic, as always (all the right thoughtful answers).

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