Dennis Kucinich & Duncan Hunter Debate By Manila Ryce (videos; 07.04.07)

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By Manila Ryce
Published Sunday, July 15th, 2007, 8:32 pm

On the 4th of July, Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich and Republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter were allowed to have a mini-debate in the Situation Room. Hunter is obviously out of touch with America and twists Dennis’ position on many issues, but at least he’s not as slimy as the more “serious” candidates. Idiotic or not, he appears to actually believe the words coming out of his mouth. If it were Clinton instead of Kucinich in the situation room with Hunter, we’d be able to see just how little she disagrees with the Neocon ideology. It’d be Gore V Bush all over again.

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3 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich & Duncan Hunter Debate By Manila Ryce (videos; 07.04.07)

  1. This Hunter displays the distorted mindset of militarism which powers his dogmatic abuse of history, and generates it’s own twisted and deadly ‘logic’. It is apparently some sort of addictive chemical condition in the brain—just look at McCain, very strange indeed.

    This is certainly not new, and reflects the fanaticism and paranoid truth-bending of faith-healing minions who have been beating their maniacal war-drums broadcast from Sunday morning stadiums for decades.

    Fundamentalists pioneered this sort of message to lemming-like congregations of flat-earth militaristic xenophobiacs.

    This SHOULD be picked apart and hyperlinked to death, just at least to show that even the heavily burdened proof of history alone (let alone logic!) entirely disembowels any claimed efficacy of the mania of militarism.
    It’s just old school by any standard, if one can be glib about genocide.

    Dennis IS the correct. calm, compassionate voice of reason, he IS right, Hunter’s wrong, and at this point when horrific crimes are committed in our name, We the People must now Mandate right and wrong from our paid employees in government, lest we tax-payers become increasingly complicit in genocide if only through complacency.

    Dennis is less dogmatic, because progressivism and peace are not born of dogmatic fanaticism, and intelligence is by definition not crazed with this deluded mania which defies all logic and evidence.

    Dennis is OH SO SANE! History will prove him a true voice of wisdom in this time, and for all time.

    We MUST have Dennis in EVERY debate, while posers like Billary should be booted off the stage for her blasphemous performance on ‘Open Mike Night”

    Folks, Dennis may have ‘no strings”, but we need to throw him a line– it’s easy to be armchair activists in this time of clicks and posts (which is GOOD!), but this Kucinich campaign is gonna take MONEY, and he’s got very little except his vegan biofuel to burn.

    When he started this campaign and committed his own life energy to being the only consistent, compassionate voice for peace and justice in congress and candidacy, he made a call to us to be “One in a Million”, if a million americans gave $50 bucks, he’d have the proper funds to carry the voice of the People for us in government. You KNOW he’s not doing this for fun! I think we can each save up and send him $50 bucks, or any two can send 25 for now (or if you spent your last dime on the computer, at least REPOST)

    Thank you Dennis Kucinich!

    THANK YOU LO for posting another mind-altering experience.


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