Impeach Bush And Cheney Now By Paul Craig Roberts

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By Paul Craig Roberts
July 15, 2007

Unless Congress immediately impeaches Bush and Cheney, a year from now the US could be a dictatorial police state at war with Iran.

Bush has put in place all the necessary measures for dictatorship in the form of “executive orders” that are triggered whenever Bush declares a national emergency. Recent statements by Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff, former Republican senator Rick Santorum and others suggest that Americans might expect a series of staged, or false flag, “terrorist” events in the near future.

Many attentive people believe that the reason the Bush administration will not bow to expert advice and public opinion and begin withdrawing US troops from Iraq is that the administration intends to rescue its unpopular position with false flag operations that can be used to expand the war to Iran.

Too much is going wrong for the Bush administration: the failure of its Middle East wars, Republican senators jumping ship, Turkish troops massed on northern Iraq’s border poised for an invasion to deal with Kurds, and a majority of Americans favoring the impeachment of Cheney and a near-majority favoring Bush’s impeachment. The Bush administration desperately needs dramatic events to scare the American people and the Congress back in line with the militarist- police state that Bush and Cheney have fostered.

William Norman Grigg recently wrote that the GOP is “praying for a terrorist strike” to save the party from electoral wipeout in 2008. Chertoff, Cheney, the neocon nazis, and Mossad would have no qualms about saving the bacon for the Republicans, who have enabled Bush to start two unjustified wars, with Iran waiting in the wings to be attacked in a third war.

The Bush administration has tried unsuccessfully to resurrect the terrorist fear factor by infiltrating some blowhard groups and encouraging them to talk about staging “terrorist” events. The talk, encouraged by federal agents, resulted in “terrorist” arrests hyped by the media, but even the captive media was unable to scare people with such transparent sting operations.

If the Bush administration wants to continue its wars in the Middle East and to entrench the “unitary executive” at home, it will have to conduct some false flag operations that will both frighten and anger the American people and make them accept Bush’s declaration of “national emergency” and the return of the draft. Alternatively, the administration could simply allow any real terrorist plot to proceed without hindrance.

A series of staged or permitted attacks would be spun by the captive media as a vindication of the neoconservatives’ Islamophobic policy, the intention of which is to destroy all Middle Eastern governments that are not American puppet states. Success would give the US control over oil, but the main purpose is to eliminate any resistance to Israel’s complete absorption of Palestine into Greater Israel.

Think about it. If another 9/11-type “security failure” were not in the works, why would Homeland Security czar Chertoff go to the trouble of convincing the Chicago Tribune that Americans have become complacent about terrorist threats and that he has “a gut feeling” that America will soon be hit hard?[Homeland Security chief warns of ‘increased risk’ Chertoff bases ‘gut feeling’ on history, Al Qaeda statements By E.A. Torriero, July 11, 2007]

Why would Republican warmonger Rick Santorum say on the Hugh Hewitt radio show that “between now and November, a lot of things are going to happen, and I believe that by this time next year, the American public’s (sic) going to have a very different view of this war.”

Throughout its existence the US government has staged incidents that the government then used in behalf of purposes that it could not otherwise have pursued. According to a number of writers, false flag operations have been routinely used by the Israeli state. During the Czarist era in Russia, the secret police would set off bombs in order to arrest those the secret police regarded as troublesome. Hitler was a dramatic orchestrator of false flag operations. False flag operations are a commonplace tool of governments.

Ask yourself: Would a government that has lied us into two wars and is working to lie us into an attack on Iran shrink from staging “terrorist” attacks in order to remove opposition to its agenda?

Only a diehard minority believes in the honesty and integrity of the Bush-Cheney administration and in the truthfulness of the corporate media.

Hitler, who never achieved majority support in a German election, used the Reichstag fire to fan hysteria and push through the Enabling Act, which made him dictator. Determined tyrants never require majority support in order to overthrow constitutional orders.

The American constitutional system is near to being overthrown. Are coming “terrorist” events of which Chertoff warns and Santorum promises the means for overthrowing our constitutional democracy?


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Thom Hartmann interviews Paul Craig Roberts (audio link; executive orders; Police State)

No Inquest into the Death of Dr. David Kelly by Dr. C. Stephen Frost and Dr. David Halpin and Dr. Chris Burns-Cox

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by Dr. C. Stephen Frost and Dr. David Halpin and Dr. Chris Burns-Cox

Global Research, July 15, 2007

The Elephant in the Living Room of the United Kingdom

“Where the law ends, tyranny begins” Henry Fielding

Just as Uncle Sam is busy shredding the constitution, so too is John Bull over here in the UK. But there is little concern being registered in the mainstream media, which subtly reinforce casual disregard for our laws.

Dr David Kelly was found dead on Harrowdown Hill four years ago. This is made prominent by the recent “abdication” of Mr Anthony Blair, and the publication of the diaries of his aide, Mr Alastair Campbell, seemingly transcribed and selected by the author himself. The death is spoken of as ‘suicide’ by almost all servants of the fourth estate. That the inquest was adjourned and never completed is not a cause for any wavering. The verdict has been assumed and so it stands.

There are many instances of this slide towards the whisper and the nods of ignorant agreement. The night after 52 persons met their deaths by bombing in London two years ago, Anthony Blair declared at the G8 summit that “a public inquiry would be ludicrous”. Really? There has been no judicial response to these four atrocities, and yet it is widely accepted, including by “civil rights” spokespeople, that “radicalised” Muslims were the culprits.

The piece below underlines some central facts in the United Kingdom’s handling of Kelly’s high profile and unnatural death. Nothing was right about the ensuing investigation.

So, Alastair Campbell feels partly responsible for the death of Dr David Kelly (BBC’s Sunday AM programme, 8 July 2007), and says that it was “the worst period of my life”.

In Will Woodward’s piece on the Campbell diaries (Guardian, 9 July 2007), it is stated that “Mr Campbell has held back until today extracts covering the period for which he is most famous, the dispute with the BBC in 2003 which led to the suicide of the government scientist David Kelly”. Further, Woodward states that “Kelly was the source of a story which the reporter Andrew Gilligan used to claim that the government had “sexed up” a dossier on Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction”.

It is probably true to say that Woodward’s interpretation of the David Kelly fiasco has become the official mantra, and that to this day not a single dissenting voice has been heard in the mainstream media.

This is inexcusable, for, at the heart of the David Kelly affair, lies an indisputable story of blatant subversion of due process of law in the United Kingdom, due process of law being itself the very basis of “democracy”, which system we purport to be in a position to export to the rest of the world.

In a series of six letters published by The Guardian in 2004, one letter published by The New Statesman in 2005, and a long article published by Global Research on the Internet in November of last year, we (doctors and lawyers) have attempted to draw to the attention of the world these facts (amongst others):

1) Dr David Kelly’s death has not been the subject of a proper inquest, as required by English law. Indeed, his sudden, violent and suspicious death has not been properly investigated, as required by European law.

2) In English law, in order for a verdict of suicide to be returned, suicide must be proved to a criminal level of proof, that is beyond reasonable doubt, a very high level of proof.

3) Lord Hutton, in his inquiry (which purported to obviate the need for an inquest), possessed none of the statutory powers automatically available to a coroner, and crucially he could not, and did not, hear evidence under oath. He therefore was unable to prove anything, let alone suiicide which is notoriously difficult to prove in the absence (as in this case) of a suicide note.

Our serious and legitimate concerns have never been answered.

There is no doubt that the Hutton Inquiry descended into attempting to establish who, between the BBC and the Government, was responsible for the “suicide” of Dr David Kelly, when from the outset “suicide” had been assumed wrongly and inexcusably by all (but a very few), including by Lord Hutton, when “suicide” was never proven.

Thus, regrettably, we conclude that the Hutton Inquiry was indeed a “whitewash”, not only on its conclusions with regard to the BBC and the Government, but much more importantly in its failure to establish in the proper manner exactly how Dr David Kelly died. It appears to us that the Hutton Inquiry was no more than an elaborate cover up which sought to mislead the British public and the world about something as important as the cause of death of a man who was inextricably linked to, and beginning to question, America’s and the United Kingdom’s purported reasons for waging aggressive war on a sovereign state, Iraq. All this of course amounts, quite apart from all the other implications, and arguments to be had, to conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and the question has to be asked why such a high risk strategy in such a high profile case was considered necessary.

We are talking of nothing less serious than the possibility of political murder and cover up of same in a leading Western democracy, the United Kingdom. Surely, it is imperative that a full and proper inquest is conducted without further delay into the death of Dr David Kelly, to attempt to remove once and for all the huge stain which the David Kelly affair has left on the reputation of this country?

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Marine says beatings urged in Iraq By Tony Perry

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Witness testifies that officers told troops to ‘crank up the violence level’ before the slaying of a civilian in Hamandiya.

By Tony Perry, Times Staff Writer
July 15, 2007

CAMP PENDLETON — A Marine corporal, testifying Saturday at the murder trial of a buddy, said that Marines in his unit began routinely beating Iraqis after being ordered by officers to “crank up the violence level.”

Cpl. Saul H. Lopezromo said Marines in his platoon, including the defendant, Cpl. Trent D. Thomas, were angry when officers criticized them as not being as tough as other Marine platoons.

“We’re all hard-chargers, we’re not there to mess around, so we took it as an insult,” Lopezromo said.

Within weeks of allegedly being scolded, seven Marines and a Navy corpsman went out late one night to find and kill a suspected insurgent in the village of Hamandiya near the Abu Ghraib prison. The Marines and corpsman were from 2nd Platoon, Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment.

Lopezromo said their target was known to his neighbors as the “prince of jihad” and had been arrested several times, only to be released by the Iraqi legal system.

Unable to find their target, the Marines and corpsman dragged another man from his house, fatally shot him, and then planted an AK-47 assault rifle near the body to make it look like he had been killed in a shootout, according to court testimony.


h/t: ICH


Surge on Baghdad (video link; over 18 only)