“What are we supposed to do with our Dead” – Odds n’ Ends in the War on Terror By Mike Whitney

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Dandelion Salad

By Mike Whitney
07/17/07 “

Observations on unrelated facts from the weekly news

Part 1: Bush to Putin: “Let them eat cake”

Much has been made of the chummy relationship between George Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin. An incident, which was reported last week in the “UK Spectator”, shows that this so-called “man-to-man” friendship is a complete fraud created by the Washington press corps to conceal the real issues and to perpetuate the illusion that Bush is a normal guy.

You be the judge:

“Six years ago, when George W. Bush first hosted Mr Putin at his ranch in Texas, he famously claimed to have seen into his soul. At the time he phrased it slightly differently to an adviser, unaware that his microphone was still live and his remarks were being broadcast over the speaker system in the next room. ‘I’ve got him eating out of my hand,’ the President whispered. ‘You give these Russkies some cake and they’ll give you their souls.’ (Fraser NelsonThe Cold War is back” UK Spectator)

Spoken like a true friend, eh?



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