Lee Hamilton On Pakistan (video)

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Pakistan is the Epicenter of Threat to World Survival by Glen Ford

2 thoughts on “Lee Hamilton On Pakistan (video)

  1. I, see the problem now, sleazy, cheesey, scared old men, frightened that the American People may wake and stand up, to hold them accountable for the actions against the World, and the American People.
    Since “we”, believe in capital punishment, go to the capital and punish them.
    Too bad they outlawed hemp rope.
    Rescind Nuisance Laws, true Freedom. We’d have rope.

  2. “We have to go in and go after them.”

    With what the Rhode Island state police?

    Musharraf is wise to leave Waziristan alone. The Pakistani military hasn’t controlled that area for over 50 years.

    He’s already screwed up royally for raiding the Red mosque. I dont think Musharraf is dumb enough to let them go in and destablize his country though.

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