Olbermann: “None of the Above” Leading in GOP Presidential Polls (video)

Dandelion Salad

July 18, 2007

4 thoughts on “Olbermann: “None of the Above” Leading in GOP Presidential Polls (video)

  1. Wonder why “None Of The Above” has grown from 14% last month June to 23% in July? Wonder what happened to Giuliani’s numbers after the debate? He played the audience for applause points, but they figured out that he had played them the next day. Ever heard of a little guy from Texas by the name of Ron Paul? He wants us out of Iraq ASAP and did not ever vote for us to get involved in the first place. Last election I voted independent as a protest vote because I got tired of all the lies too.

  2. Has any body ever discussed the Christian right are always all pro for going to war and into killing. THey have and play such weird poliics? I just don’t undersatnd them? The republican debates to see who is the front runner should be none of the above as that is who should be ranked as the best contender!!!!

  3. None of the above, in my mind, is by design. I think Jeb is a real possibility. The most dangerous candidate would be Chuck Hagel. He looks like a maverick standing against the Iraq war, but he is a real military industrial complex insider. He also has major blood …well.. ink on his hands regarding paperless voting machines and election fraud. he has never been caught… no one is even trying. It’s like he has powerful friends protecting him. Beware Hagel.

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