Pakistan is the Epicenter of Threat to World Survival by Glen Ford

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by Glen Ford
July 18th, 2007

The monstrous state that was created out of the British engineered partition of India — Pakistan — has long since become an American tool for mischief in the world, including nuclear proliferation, creation of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and an ongoing home for Osama bin Ladin. It is blowback time. The American-financed regime cannot exist without the support of Muslim fundamentalists, and yet the Americans now insist that the regime move against its own political base. There are nuclear bombs in this equation, developed with a wink and a nod from the Americans. If these chickens come home to roost, it will be with incinerating force.

The nexus of world disorder is not Sudan, or Lebanon, or Somalia. It is Pakistan, and has been so from the beginning of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, in 1947. Formed as a theologically-based state, in opposition to the secular state of newly independent India, Pakistan was the British and American answer to ascendant Indian socialism. Pakistan immediately became the great U.S. hammer to threaten the Indians, and to keep the region on a permanent war footing, that would nullify the possibility of development in the subcontinent. The U.S. poured billions of dollars into the Pakistani military, to keep up the pressure against much larger India, which had fraternal relations with the Soviet Union. The Americans thought they were playing a Third World, Cold War trump card, but in fact, they were creating a monster.


2 thoughts on “Pakistan is the Epicenter of Threat to World Survival by Glen Ford

  1. Force “our” friends into an unwinnable situtation?
    Why not, we’re stuck in one, ah two, or ah 3 , what’s the difference, we’re right, and “we” know they’re wrong.
    Open mouth, insert Nuke

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