Latest Ooga Booga! Nuke Secrets Stolen (video) + National lab worker accused of stealing secrets

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JULY 19, 2007 MSNBC

National lab worker accused of stealing secrets

Dandelion Salad

Contract employee allegedly stole classified information, tried to sell it

NBC News
Updated: 42 minutes ago

WASHINGTON — Federal prosecutors on Thursday accused a low-level contract worker at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory — birthplace of the nuclear bomb — with stealing highly classified information about how to make enriched uranium, a key ingredient in nuclear weapons.

The suspect was allegedly caught trying to sell it to someone he thought was representing another country, someone who turned out to be an undercover FBI agent. Federal officials will not say which country the agent was pretending to represent.

Federal officials told NBC News that the suspect worked as a contract employee at East Tennessee Technology Park, located on the Oak Ridge reservation.


9 thoughts on “Latest Ooga Booga! Nuke Secrets Stolen (video) + National lab worker accused of stealing secrets

  1. Wow,
    Yuta da da ta dada if they only had a brain!!!
    I am surprised that this informayon isn’t easilyfound out on the world wide web as it is any way, but I have to seriously ask how a low level worker gets inside highly clasified material if it is as such…I am sure that the money is the primary motivater… Probably if some one was to look up such information up on the web you would be red flagged and investigated right away just as I am sure we all are that write in Democratic thinking peoples web sights…!!!!

  2. What are they smoke screening? Sounds like someone got set up here. There is no way on earth a “low-level” contract worker would even come close to having access to information like that.

  3. So let’s see. This happened in January, but NOW it’s “breaking news”? Oh please. *eyeroll*

  4. How does a low level contract worker get access to such highly sensitive documents? I bet that’s one question that never gets answered.

    If he lives in Knoxville he has quite a drive to work. Oak Ridge is 30 miles away.

    to keep up with this story go to

  5. Aut Oh, their now going to do backround checks ?
    Hmm.., thought D.H.S., N.S.A., D.O.E., D.O.D., Ecetera…, ecetera…, ecetera…, eceter…., ecetera…, would of thought about that along time ago.

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