Could Shrub’s fascist intentions get any clearer? by Glitzqueen

I wrote to Pelosi just yesterday. Call, or write, do something to put impeachment back on the table. I couldn’t get the link to work in her article, but this one works: Write to Pelosi ~ Lo


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by The Other Katherine Harris

As I just wrote to Nancy Pelosi …

Yesterday’s fiat — in which Shrub authorized a team to read Americans’ minds and seize everything from those who “might” interfere with his plans for Iraq; those who dare help them survive destitution; and those who even speak (aka “conspire”) against his vision of Iraq’s future — is surely the cherry on the sundae.

No doubt you’re aware of the terrifying National Security Directives NSPD 51 and HSPD-20, by which Shrub empowered himself to declare martial law and become permanent dictator in an instant, on any pretext of emergency (a prospect which has Chertoff’s tummy rumbling in an interesting way).

Shrub also set himself up last year to use our troops against us on American soil, by wrenching control of the National Guard away from state governors (over their protests). And what about all those new concentration camps Halliburton built, for which there’s been no explanation?

Now may our very last opportunity to save ourselves via impeaching Bush and Cheney for their many crimes, before some convenient attack, hurricane or epidemic puts paid to the possibility.

Even if there weren’t strong odds of martial law and the utter demise of democracy, circumstances are such that our Constitution mandates impeachment for the crimes already committed by this administration. It isn’t a choice; it’s an obligation. These bastards think they’re kings and have no shame whatever. You can’t do business with them in any ordinary way. Get them OUT, while there’s still a fighting chance to do so — or imagine what history may well say of YOU and of the rest of a Congress that stood by, nibbling their white knuckles and banking on an election that never came.

If you feel inspired to appeal to her, too, is her e-mail address for non-constituents.



My Call to Speaker Pelosi Demanding Impeachment by Ratman (video)