9/11 – The Ultimate Con (video)

Dandelion Salad

1 hr 54 min 25 sec

Douglas Bickford

One of the finest 9/11 news and media documentaries that covers 9/11 and the coming police state. Made by a member of the Loose Change Forums.

4 thoughts on “9/11 – The Ultimate Con (video)

  1. I really liked it though the sound track behind wasn’t that good like lo had said. I am very impressed that Charlie Sheen is so well informed and had the self inner fortitude to come out and say what he said about 9/11 and does get people talking!!!! Iam truely saddened by the amount of people who died by no matter who’s hand was the real cause of it all. The ones who did survive how truly blessed they all were as they all could have been casualities to this…

  2. The b.s. soundtrack is the best part of what is a tired rehash of 9/11Truth dogma. Articles of faith not supported by any science known on earth.
    Like the stuff used to build UFO’s. Cue theramin music, LOL!

    “Created” know means edit, clip, and paste from other sources

  3. Excellent information, but what kinda hurts it – and I’ve had this problem with “Democracy Now” show up until recently too – is the gooftastic music and/or sound effects in the background.

    DN has fortunately changed their style but for crying out loud, some of that music they were playing in the background in the early days sounded like it belonged more in a 1970’s stag film. I was like, “Dude, WTF?!?” This guy sounds like he went a little too crazy with a “Scary Sounds of Halloween” sound effects record. It distracts and detracts from the other content. I mean jumpin’ Gods, it sounds at one point like Condaleeza is ripping a major fart while she’s testifying. Gods help us, PLEASE lose the Scary Sounds of Halloween, PLEASE.

    Loose Change’s music had the advantage of flowing with the content well. It too was a bit over the top, especially, in the beginning, but the flow eventually caused it to take a proper back seat to the material being presented.

    It is important to remember that hostile audiences are also going to be viewing these things, and one of the first things that will put the kibosh on it in their minds is if the music or background sound effects are too cheesy. They’ll be looking for any excuse not to pay attention to the actual subject matter, and the subject matter is too important for that to be allowed to happen.

    All that said, the information about the BBC jumping the gun about building 7 was completely awesome. I hope they include that in Loose Change III.

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