Ron Paul & Ben Bernanke: testimony to U.S. House (video)

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Ron Paul (R-Tx) testimony to U.S. House Financial Services Committee (& FED Chair Ben Bernanke’s response) July 18, 2007

h/t: Politics TV

6 thoughts on “Ron Paul & Ben Bernanke: testimony to U.S. House (video)

  1. Watch CCTV channel 9 and you will see we America already has over a three trillion trade deficit to China alone not counting India, Mexico and all of what they call the other third world countries. What one of the goals of the elitists of the country and that of the select few is to make them American population into a third world state as well? One example of this is the never ending proliferation of the poor indigenous Mexicans coming up from the south and not being caught or forced back into. Mexico.

  2. thank you so much for posting, Lo.

    you know, it is a matter of priorities. which candidate will target the real centers of power that are corrupting our world?

    i believe, when it comes down to it, the cartel behind the federal reserve…the whole cabal of international bankers and their dynastic elites…is more threatening to our liberties and our survival *as a species* than climate change or anything else.

    we won’t be able to do anything about the environment, to help poor people, whatever, until we get these people out of government–who have the power to topple our entire economy, and all the economies of the world, to devalue our currency and render us all serfs, at the literal stroke of a pen.

    what other candidate is willing to stand up to these people? the more i research the matter, the more i realize: all roads lead back to 1913. this is what started the whole military industrial spiral into bigger and bigger government and less and less freedom.

    watch the last part of the film, “zeitgeist” if you haven’t already. thanks again.



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