Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid. And if You’re Not, You’re Just Not Trying by Mark Drolette

Dandelion Salad

by Mark Drolette
Dissident Voice
July 21st, 2007

Did you know you stand a better chance of either being eaten by a shark (in your bed) or hearing George W. Bush use proper subject-verb agreement than you do of being the victim of a terrorist attack?

From where does this information emanate? Well, I just made it up, but if that approach is good enough for the White House, it’s good enough for me.

Seriously, though, I know my chances of dying at the hands (or feet) of a suicide shoe bomber, or even one with an explosive sock, are infinitesimally small. And even if it happens, it happens; I’m not going to let unreasonable fears run my life. (As opposed to reasonable ones, like, say, getting married for a fourth time, but that’s another story. Or several, all available at the county courthouse.)

But way too many Americans don’t think like that. Millions are scared out of their wits of being blown to bits, judging by the way they swallow whole the feary tales they’re fed by the Brothers Grim (aka Bush and the Dick). They accept as true the most fantastic things, booga-boogas that even a nanosecond’s worth of introspection would show to be utterly laughable.


2 thoughts on “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid. And if You’re Not, You’re Just Not Trying by Mark Drolette

  1. Namiste,

    Yes it can’t be good for any of us to even remotely trying to live our lives by constantly worrying about fear… It is bad Karma and if you project something bad will happen then as often as not then it will happen or so it seems!!!! I don’t live in fear of terrorists either although I do worry about future generations of the young on both continents… How many Must die for the sad thing oil George W’s and Dick’s oil? William

  2. Was the plane that crashed in Penn., heading for the White House or the Capitol ?
    Would congress have been suspended due to loss of life, and no Chamber’s ?
    Your thoughts(remember the ranpant patriotism of 9-11-01)?
    They were real heros on that plane.

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