Bush Pens Torture Executive Order by Kurt Nimmo

Dandelion Salad

by Kurt Nimmo

In Bushzarro world, up is down, black is white, and abducting people and subjecting them to waterboarding is compliance with the Geneva Conventions. “Five years after he exempted al Qaeda and Taliban members from the Geneva provisions, Bush signed an executive order requiring the CIA to comply with prohibitions against ‘cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment’ as set down in the conventions’ Common Article 3,” reports the Boston Globe. “The executive order resolves any ambiguity by setting specific requirements that, when met, represent full compliance with Article 3. Any CIA terrorist detention and interrogation effort will, of course, meet those requirements,” vowed CIA Director Michael Hayden.Of course, all of this is simply for public consumption, as the CIA has a long and sordid history of “information extraction,” that is to say torture, more recently of the “no touch,” variety. Clinton may have ratified the United Nations’ Convention Against Torture in 1994, but since nine eleven a number of pain advocates have crawled out of the woodwork, most notably the scurrilous Alan M. Dershowitz, blot on the Harvard academic community. In fact, the contrived “war on terrorism” has provided a class of psychotics, sadists, and pathocrats with an excuse to inflict suffering.


2 thoughts on “Bush Pens Torture Executive Order by Kurt Nimmo

  1. Good points, William.

    Personally, I don’t believe in torture. Period. Who would Jesus torture?

    From a military perspective, torture does not gain valuable info. Befriending does.

    And yes, when the US tortures others it sets up our soldiers to be tortured when captured, like you mentioned.

  2. Namiste,

    Yes it is too bad that the raining President and thief can’t make it plain or to spell it out what is ok treatment and what isn’t ok treatment. What is subjectively ok to a sadistic insane sick person must not be thought of as ok from the perspective of the normally un-brain washed military CIA type who has no problems with torture getting what ever information that they felt was valuable which when being tortured people will say anything just to stop the cruel treatment, get a clue!!!!

    If the president doesn’t want our own troops to be harmed and tortured when captured he shouldn’t be setting this president in saying and yet not saying it isn’t ok to torture captives!!!!!!!! William

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