Suppressing the Truths of War by Mara Revkin (film review: War & Truth)

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A new documentary about war correspondents shows not only how hard it is for reporters to capture the real stories of conflict, but how hard it is for them to get those stories on air and in print.

Mara Revkin
The American Prospect
July 18, 2007

Veteran war correspondent Joe Galloway has seen so much combat, it’s hard to believe he’s actually a civilian. After 22 years of reporting for United Press International and U.S. News & World Report from the front lines of every major American military engagement since Vietnam, Galloway doesn’t hesitate to describe war as “the most devastating and stupid of all man’s enterprises.”Correspondents like Galloway have built careers on their shared conviction that democracy is degraded by a perceptual gap between the gruesome realities of war and the mainstream media’s sanitized portrayal of it. The discrepancy between what journalists see on assignment and what their publishers approve for dissemination to the American public is the subject of Michael Samstag’s new documentary, War & Truth, which chronicles the high-risk careers of embedded war correspondents from World War II to the present day.




The Truth Game by John Pilger (video; Jan 07)

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  2. And thank you, Michael for making this film. I have the utmost respect for war correspondents. They are out there putting their lives at risk to bring us the story. It’s more than a shame when their stories don’t get to be told.

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