HR 676 Universal Healthcare: Don’t Stop Believin’ (video; Kucinich; 35 percenters)

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July 22, 2007

Blue Gal meets up with Former President Clinton to discuss Dennis Kucinich’s single-payer, not-for-profit health care plan which would provide every man, woman, and child with comprehensive coverage from whatever doctors they choose. This would be achieved through a tax on employers that is lower than what employers who now provide coverage pay on average. Unlike other Democratic presidential candidates, Kucinich doesn’t simply say, “Forget about it” when it comes to basic human rights. He has the courage to entirely eliminate private insurance companies from the equation.

Davis Fleetwood also makes an appearance in this video, continuing his noble quest to offer free advice to Mrs. Clinton about her campaign.…

Hillary’s unofficial campaign song, “Cancer In My Backyard,” was created by 1.6 Band.

Tell your representatives to support HR 676.
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Impeach Cheney: Peaceman vs The Chenguin by the 35 Percenters (video; Kucinich)

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  4. Here’s our blog review of Sicko with an awesome video of Kucinich speaking passionately about universal NOT FOR PROFIT healthcare for all. We also muse about whether or not we should move to France. 🙂

    There’s also a video of 10 year old Susie Flynn who is running for president. Her mission is to provide healthcare for all the 9 million children in the U.S. without healthcare.

    http://thehotpotato.wordpress com/2007/07/13/in-sickness-and-in-health-michael-moores-sicko-and-universal-healthcare-for-all/

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