The Impeachment Moment by David Swanson (action alert)

Dandelion Salad
by David Swanson

Sun. 2007-07-22

We’ve reached the impeachment moment for Vice President Dick Cheney. We are now at what Rev. Lennox Yearwood calls the lunch counter moment in the impeachment movement. We’ve pushed the cosponsor list for H. Res. 333 up to 14. Chairman John Conyers says that if we get 3 more he’ll begin the impeachment proceedings. And many Congress Members must be recognizing that there is no other path available. Cheney and Bush have repeatedly refused to comply with subpoenas, ordered former staffers not to comply with subpoenas, and announced that the Justice Department will not enforce contempt citations from Congress. When a special prosecutor attempted to hold this administration accountable, Cheney’s chief of staff obstructed justice, and Cheney persuaded Bush to commute his sentence. There is no course left for Congress but impeachment.

On Monday, July 23rd, the fifth anniversary of the meeting that produced the Downing Street Minutes, Cindy Sheehan, Ray McGovern, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Ann Wright, Debra Sweet, Dave Lindorff, David Swanson, Jodie Evans, Medea Benjamin, Kevin Zeese, and Tina Richards will lead a march to Chairman Conyers office and not leave until he agrees to begin impeachment proceedings. If you cannot be there, you can take two minutes on Monday and do two things: phone Chairman Conyers at 202-225-5126 and ask him to start the impeachment of Dick Cheney; and phone your own Congress Member at 202-224-3121 and ask them to immediately call Conyers’ office to express their support for impeachment. Your Congress Member might be one of the three needed, not just to keep impeachment activists out of jail but to keep this nation from devolving into dictatorship.

Email your Congress Member.

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Peace and Justice

Sign the petition at

Sign the petition (goal of 100,000 signatures already met, now they’re going for 1 million!)

Sign the MoveOn petition. (and thank them for finally taking up the issue)

Vote in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll. (nearly 90,000 have already voted – 99.19% in favor!)

Contact your representative and urge support for H.Res. 333 or ask them to introduce their own articles of impeachment. (Calling or faxing most effective – see sample letter)

Contact members of the House Judiciary Committee.

For more information on impeachment, see the Resource Center at AfterDowningStreet

5 thoughts on “The Impeachment Moment by David Swanson (action alert)

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  2. Impeachment needs to be a more commonly used procedure. Otherwise, the imperial presidency will not end, even with a “good” Democrat. Absolute power corrupts everything.

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  5. Namiste,

    Yes Impeach Bush and his whole cabinet now they are all crooks. Put an end to the commander and thief. Can any other person not go to subpoenas from congress or any of the Legislative Branch? No they would be held in contempt and a warrant for their arrest would be issued for them to show up in court and answer to the allegations set forth before tham or to be prosecuted for their wrong doings..


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