YouTube Debate III (videos)

Dandelion Salad

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No Child Left Behind – Scrap or Revise?

When Will Troops Leave Iraq?

Hillary, Richardson, Biden on Darfur

Talk about sex to kids?

Public or Private Schools?

How will we decrease energy consumption?

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  1. Namiste my friends,

    What would have happened if Al Gore had been President and where would our Country be at now? Well we know that Al Gore has made a movie concerning global warming and the effects of Co2 gasses on our world. The many republicans scoff at Al Gore’s book and movie and don’t believe in global warming and the green house effect. He is an advocate against the use of oil and to find new ways to produce energy and to run cars. Doesn’t it make since to we the American people to make dramatic changes not only save our mother earth, but to also make it one of our first priorities to become non-dependent upon foreign oil, or domestic oil for that matter. If you as an American citizen or because you’re a brain washed Republican actually doesn’t believe that there is global warming then you need to take your collective heads out of the sand and take a serious look around at the world we live in today.. If the ice caps are to completely melt away then all of the oceans water will rise very dramatically and cites like New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Hawaii, Florida, Texas, and most of the other cities on or near the oceans water fronts will be completely covered by water. There is the possibility that with the huge deluge of ice cold fresh water added to the worlds ocean’s that the present days water currents that help to warm up places like England and others will be come a frozen and barren waste land. The book by Mr. Dole’s An Assault On Reason is very enlightening and should be read by anyone concerned with our mother earth and the problem that is awaiting us all. Maybe the DVD that he made would be better for some audiences AN Inconvenient Truth by AL Gore.

    Can we not as Americans citizens imagine the possibility of building instead of nuclear reactors to which have fuel rods, which are so radioactive that they have to be buried inside a mountain? Do we not realize that it takes thousands of years for the radioactive isotopes to degrade enough that the rods wouldn’t cause any harm to man kind or any other creature. The American spirit for freedom should extend to being free from the Rich Oil Barons and rich oil Countries. We should no longer be in their control in any way and let them drown in their own oil. Let their people eat their oil America being one of the largest bread baskets in the world.

    Our Government should have been starting multi5billion dollar industries building wind propeller generating electric plants and solar powered anything as sun light is a free fuel source. Unlike building the great dam like they did in China, the Three Gorges Dam, which is the largest dam in the world generating enormous amounts of electrical energy from driving the turbines with water running through the turbines creating the electricity. Maybe what America really needed was some one with true vision and a workable plan to be running things. What Americans should have done is to build like what Americans and other countries used to have in the old days, were water wheel houses that used to be used to turn a wheel. This wheel would turn gears that would grind the wheat into flour or other grains. Instead of using the water wheels force to grind grains the water wheel could be used to make electricity. There could be a viable amount of water wheels built on every river with out having to dam it up and have people loose valuable land and their homes. Swift running water could be directed into the wheel through a pipe fixed into the channel of the river and the force of the water would shoot the water faster through the telescoping pipe to the waters wheel making it run and spin even faster. Telescoping meaning the pipe would be bigger at one end and then gradually get smaller and smaller as it gets to the water wheel it’s self the water pressure generated would be a lot. I know that maybe many people wouldn’t like to have there rivers and water ways dotted up all along each of its sides with water wheels. The fact though is many people might in fact think that water wheels are beautiful and would add beauty to the landscapes. They also might think that having free energy from the running water as a good or if not a better idea than by using coal, oil, or petroleum products to run our energy needs of this country.

    China, who is the second nation in the world only to the US in the consumption and use of Gasoline and oil products, has engineered plants that they are able to extract 50% oil out of a certain green plant where the plant looks like it has some kind of bean pods on them. I learned of this on my last trip to China through watching the channel 9 CCTV News. Most of the other countries had a lot of interest in this plants potential and wanted some of its seeds to reproduce in their own countries. Britain was one of the more notable nations who had attended. You notice hat there hasn’t been any articles or news coverage here in the US about this remarkable plant that it releases 50% oil.

    I don’t have any claim to being an expert by any means in the War, or in the politics, of why who was elected, and how that happened, or about our current depressing addiction to oil from the big oil companies. I don’t know that Bio fuels is the right answer as there will still be lots of CO2 emissions from the combustible engines which would still be harmful to our atmosphere that protects us from the harmful rays emitted by the sun that our atmosphere helps too block out.

    Namiste and peace to you all,


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