YouTube Debate IV (videos)

Dandelion Salad

By: Politicstv

What will you do to stop global warming?

Standardized Voting?

If You Chose a GOP VP Running Mate, Who Would It Be?

Nuclear Power?

Would you work for minimum wage?

Social Security?

One thought on “YouTube Debate IV (videos)

  1. Namiste,

    Yes there are much better and safer ways than Nuclear energy as a way to generate electricity and to get us all off of the addiction of the oil barons.

    As a self described Buddhists that would rather see the world headed towards peace, and hopefully a lasting peace rather than war or a new war. I would ask for the next presidency to do it’s best to keep America and America’s solder’s out of harms way innless the United states is attacked directly. Which as it seems plausible and possible and true that it has been orchestrated by our own country’s leaders to instigate us into wars…I would rather see the money that has been being spent on war to be being spent upon the United States infrastructure, and in the building wind Generators, and water wheels connected to turbines creating free energy for all Americans. The water wheels can have a larger end telescoping pipe into all rivers and streams channels that creates a greater force and more power to hit the water wheel causing it to move faster and to crate that much more energy for free. I would look to a leader that would believe in solar energy and other sources of energy rather than keeping this country addicted to oil. All of America’s car manufacturers need to be made to only come up with and only produce cars trains, and other modes of transportation which is subsidized by the American government that are run by clean energy. No more fossil fuel burning sources of energy to run America’s transportation infrastructure. Americans are smart enough to create this and make this happen. We can take the power out of the oil Baron’s hands and the fossil fuel industries and create new ones better ones companies that are not only good for America, but that are also good for the entire world. Let us be the leaders in leading the way to a new and world friendly way of using energy and in energies creation. We should be the leaders and help stop global warming or stop leading our world into the next great ice age.

    Listen to all the Oil preaching war mongers and oil producing countries. The United States is going green and we are no longer are willing to support the addiction to oil or the oil Barons have created, which own, and operate all of the oil in the world. That America is not going to be no longer spending such a huge amount of money that they (The Armed services) don’t even know where almost three Trillion dollars worth of our money has went to and for what? That is over 8000.00 dollars per American citizen that resides with in the US at this time the US Military complex has spent for no one knows for what and for when and why? No one knows where the almost three trillion dollars has gone and for what? I am sure it didn’t go to feed the poor or to build homes for the poor and the homeless that reside in the United States.
    Namiste and peace to you all,


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