YouTube Debate V (videos)

Dandelion Salad

By: Politicstv

Health Care?

If a democrat was elected will taxes go up?

Tax Questions?

Health care for undocumented immigrants?

Which candidates do you like/dislike?

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton?

2 thoughts on “YouTube Debate V (videos)

  1. Edwards and Obama are the best at sidestepping questions. What i like the most is when edwards and obama get hit with the hard questions, they form their own question and then answer that. What a crack up.
    For me… Gravel, Richardson, Biden, and Kucinich were the only ones able to actually commit to an answer. The rest were just blowing more smoke up my you know what.

  2. Namiste,

    I liked Hillary Clinton she was very posed and relaxed and had the tough questions answered with out trepidation.
    I liked John Edwards sounded like he really cares about Americans from all walks of life from the rich to the rest of us the poor.
    I liked Barack Obama; he too had a dynamic and positive presence and answered the hard questions that were handed to him. I thought he was impressive too.
    I can’t say that I heard enough from the rest of the democrats, but some of them I didn’t think that their answers were well thought out and it seemed like everyone was kind of oppressed by the presence of Hillary Clinton.
    I say that the one that says get all of the troops out now I think that it is a reasonable thing to do and should be begun in the Senate and the Congress.

    Namiste to all of you my friends,


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