YouTube Debate VI (videos) + Davis Fleetwood: Call to Bush to resign

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By: Politicstv

What does “In G-d we trust mean to you?”

Will you snub secular voters?

Gun Control?

by davisfleetwood

from cnn/youtube debates- a call for Bush to resign

4 thoughts on “YouTube Debate VI (videos) + Davis Fleetwood: Call to Bush to resign

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  3. I agree, Kucinich really set himself apart from the rest of the gang. Gravel, too, for that matter.

    It was a good debate, but I’d still like to see one where the candidates can actually answer the questions at length instead of in 10 seconds.

  4. I liked the last video! True, vacate the premises Bush et al, now! But to the candidates, same ole’ same ole’. I liked what Gravel had to say and Kucinich is still my favorite candidate for being the ‘Only’ on so many different issues. Kucinich’08

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