YouTube Debate I (videos)

Dandelion Salad

By: Politicstv

Will You be different?

Katrina response in a white city?

Black enough? Woman enough?

Is it ok to use religion to deny gay rights?

First Iraq Question?

Why Haven’t Dems Ended Iraq War?

2 thoughts on “YouTube Debate I (videos)

  1. Namiste,

    Who cares who marries who and what two adults do in the privacy in their own home? If you do care your not paying enough attention to what you have going on in your own homes… why does it matter if two people love each other if they can be married and or divorced or not any ore than a man or a woman? Why does any body care and how does that affect any of them?

    There definitely was A three P’s answer to the disaster to Katrina and the people that live in Louisiana no matter what their color was. Piss poor planning by this president and his FEMA managers. There are still how many thousands that still don’t have homes or a place to work? Is it due to what color the main portion of the affected were of the brown persuasion?

    End the war now!!!!! Democrats get off the seat and do something get the ball rolling!!!!!



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