Foreign Warring Subverts Freedom at Home by James Bovard (video + link)

Dandelion Salad

by James Bovard
July 24, 2007

In June the Future of Freedom Foundation hosted “Restoring the Republic: Foreign Policy and Civil Liberties,” a conference that brought together liberals, conservatives, and libertarians in favor of peace and liberty. Among the speakers was James Bovard, author of Attention Deficit Democracy, Terrorism and Tyranny: Trampling Freedom, Justice, and Peace to Rid the World of Evil, and other books. In the seven-part video below, Bovard argues that perpetual war abroad destroys domestic liberties.

Parts 2-7

One thought on “Foreign Warring Subverts Freedom at Home by James Bovard (video + link)

  1. Namiste Mr. James Bovard,

    What about our civil liberty’s and our new commandants new Law? How outrageous that the TSA can fine a person up to 1500 dollars. What happened to the freedom of speech?

    I agree with your speach whole heartedly. I find it incredulas that the US Department of home land Security would target the people so at air lines to such a degree, but yet support a president which wants to allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immagrants who inter the US illegally the same rights as a real citizen of the united States has. For example the right to a social secuirty card, and or free liberty that they are now putting a 15 year limit on how long the DHS will be keeping the peoples from Euope on file and investagated. You dobn’t see them doing such to illegal alliens here in The US do you? How easy would it be for a real teroist to enter the US from it’s southern boarder which is almost unchecked? If some one was a ral terrorst wouldn’t that probabaly be the most viable and reasonable way to enter the US with a Biological, Chemical, or a nuclear device. How easy to carry across a Dirty nuclear bomb in the size of a pack pack dope it off and poof be gone? Infact it is this presidents plan to give them all their american citizen ship with out any cheack, with out and medical checks, with out any flling out forms of reams and reams of financial statements or any documentation at all to get a green card or a workers permit that all other immigrants have to obtain. It is his plan to get them all in as a huge block of new free voters in the republican party so that they will have a overwelming majority. It is also the Republicans plan the leaders the ones in charge the ones that know the powers that be: that the more illegal alliens that get their citizenship free and clearand become republicans that not only will they vote republican, but that this great free influx of cheap labor will unindate the labor forces here in america rendering it impossible to get a good paying job with any binifits whats so ever as this is the Republicans plan to make the majority of Americans poor like othr third world countries. Giving a certain ratial group a certain pass and free ride isn’t fair considdering the amount of money a American citizen has to spend to get a person from another country here and to get them their visa and medical reports inspection privacy, and have that person go through the whole process of the investigation, and the all important interview just to get avisa and a gren card and finally a workers permit. If they allow all of these illegal immagrants a free ride and a right of passage then all of Europe, China, Vietnam, Korea, all asian countries, the Philipines, Russia, The former Russian States, Poland, and all of the other countries that have to go through the proicess of getting a Visa and a right to be able to stay and live or to make a living in the USA.

    The president is a crook, theif, and a lier and his whole cabinet should be held acountable and to be impeached.

    Namiste and Peace to you,


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