Jack Cafferty: Kucinich says Dems need to STOP funding war (video)

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On July 23, 2007, CNN’s Jack Cafferty asked if the viewers agreed with Dennis Kucinich in that all the Dems have to do to end the war is to stop funding it. The email responses are also included…


Dennis Kucinich – Text for Peace (video)

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2 thoughts on “Jack Cafferty: Kucinich says Dems need to STOP funding war (video)

  1. Namiste, Dennis Kucinich,

    I agree with Mr. Kucinich. What has happened since the first 7 months they have been in majority? It is finally a good time for Mrs. Clinton to ask for a plan to get our troops out of Iraq.

    I think that the right never has taken into account that if lets say a bunch of Iranians had come into our country claiming to liberate the people. That the Liberators would arrest the leader that they had put into power in the first place and then put that guy on trial and then place him and all of his followers into prison and on Death row for crimes against their own people. That these self professed liberators would then take years to leave supposedly liberating our people. We As Americans would get tired of having an invading force in our country and after a while we would also take up arms against a invading force and try to get them out of our country would we not? We would get tired of them trying to tell us what to do and how to run our country and who should be in charge? They the supposedly liberating force would call us any number of names for wanting to kick these self proclaimed helpers out of our country by calling us Al quida or maybe Cubans Who knows what? We would be freedom fighters to free our country from these liberators that are killing our men woman and children. The liberators from Iraq has been in our country for yeas now trying to conquer us and we have been forced into doing car bombings and gas bottle bombs thrown at hummers and shots being fired at military personnel in an attempt to get the idea across to the supposedly what they call themselves liberators and they fight against whom? Maybe after a while the Iraqi liberators would get the idea to lave and go home. They already won what ever it was they had wanted to win. They should let us the losers the Americans to be able to try and settle our own differences and get their noses out of it. Let the American freedom fighters stop the killing of our Iraqi peoples and let us stop the killing of the American freedom fighters. Let us go back to Iraq and take care of our own problems in our own home land and our oil fields.

    Maybe this is what the roles would be like if they had ever been reversed or thought about in this way? Maybe the right wingers who wish to stick it out in this war should still be over there or send their own kids over there? Maybe instead of fighting this war and spending billions in military expenditures and in trying to rebuild Iraq and the places we blew up and it’s infrastructure and a gigantic new US Consulate there with a big sign on the out side saying please shoot and bomb here right on the out side door. Maybe we should instead be refitting all of Americas cars and car manufacturers to only produce green cars battery operated cars solar cars what ever. Build water wheel generators along all of America’s water ways and get us all off of the addiction to oil and the war and oil mongers.

    I belive that the words you have written are true and on target. I belive though that this congress should take it a few steps further and put the preident and his cabinet on trial and to have them to all be impeached. The exective over ride orders should come to a halt imedicatly. The limitless bottomless pitt of the american bank to fund his war with should say sorry no more funds please see the bank teller inside, meaning both Congress and the Senate. NO more money means no more money the if you likethe pun the Well has run dry oil or money wise either way. Please discuss with what ever powers that be to take on this president who will be remembered as America’s worst and most ignorant and deplorable president we have ever had.!!!!!

    No more money, nor more troops, no more money, no more troops!!!!!!!!

    Namiste and peace and love to all of you my friends,


  2. My email wasn’t aired so I thought I would add it here:
    Kucinich’s statement regarding ceasing funding for the American Occupation in Iraq is right, is patriotic, is respectful to the troops, and is absolutely necessary.
    When there is no accountability for the funds already appropriated, and when there is no clear information regarding the cut of the funding going to war service providers such as Halliburton, Blackwater and numerous other private corporations providing strategical support, services and supplies with no oversight whatsoever, it makes perfect sense to address these issues before procuring funding.

    With the President and his administration hard at work circumventing the congressional branch of government, why shouldn’t Congress strengthen it’s power of the purse?

    Be well and enjoy the day.

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