An Honest Answer – Dennis Kucinich (video; Iraq)

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July 24, 2007 MSNBC


Pick Your Candidate – Take the Survey (graphs)

6 thoughts on “An Honest Answer – Dennis Kucinich (video; Iraq)

  1. I had to add, sometimes I wish I could put my hands around people’s throats that don’t support Kucinich. I really want to shake some sense into them! And looking at his views/votes on things I love him even more…

  2. Thank you so much for this video Lo. You are the best. I hope you don’t mind but I’m distributing this everywhere!!!

  3. Check out the post, “Pick Your Candidate – Take The Survey”, it shows exactly what you just said. People do agree with DK on the issues.

    Now, to get his message out to rest of the country.

  4. As a general principle, television reporters visit their waspish skepticism upon candidates whose poll numbers are low. This interview illustrates the principle. Setting aside what is probably the main reason for majority opposition to the war — the fact that US forces have not been able to crush the resistance — Americans polled on a number of issues seem to favor the Kucinich positions over the trimming of the leading candidates. I’m talking about war, health care, holding the executive responsible through the impeachment process for its assult on republican institutions, social security, trade, and — possibly, although this is less clear — the organization of American agriculture. If poll respondents rated the candidate whose views on an issue by issue basis most closely approximated theirs , Dennis Kucinich would be in the top tier of candidates.

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