Mutual Contempt (video; Snow)

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Tony Snow White House Press Briefing, July 25, 2007


House Vote on Contempt (video)

3 thoughts on “Mutual Contempt (video; Snow)

  1. Namiste,
    What he is talking about throwing up against the side of a barn does stick and he does know it!!!!!Made what available exactly? how about the lies? yes he president has used his executive order to not show documents that show he and his people are liers and corrks..

    Namiste and peace to you all,


  2. Namiste,

    Doesn’t that whole mish mash sound like a huge big run around and no facts or true discussion or forum was ever made about the real facts and about the lies of the vice president and president and the taking away of the freedom of speech if you speak out against the war or the not going before congress after being subpoenaed to do so. So the president takes and absolves Dick Cheney for the crime of not showing up for a congressional hearing? What does he think he is the head of all organi9zed crime or something? Oh they had to show up too a lot of them? Well who exactly does he think that he is then and why would the president pardon him? Hummm he should be compelled to ap[pear before congress to on impeachment hears as well…

    Namiste and peace to you all,


  3. This guy is such a freakin’ weasel.

    “We’ve made everything available to Congress! They’re being confrontational, not us!” he says.

    Yeah right. You’ve made it available on the condition that a) it’s not under oath, b) there are no transcripts of the conversations, and c) that all questioning has to happen in private.

    Yes, yes you’re right. You’re not at all being confrontational. It’s the evil Democrats.

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