Olbermann: Sen. Patrick Leahy on Gonzales Testimony + Gonzales repeatedly lied to the Senate + VA Heal Thyself (videos)

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July 25, 2007


Opening Statement for Gonzales’ Hearing (video + links to testimony; updated again) + Code Pink Protests Gonzales (video)

Olbermann: Bush’s executive order July 17, 2007 (video)

3 thoughts on “Olbermann: Sen. Patrick Leahy on Gonzales Testimony + Gonzales repeatedly lied to the Senate + VA Heal Thyself (videos)

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  3. Namiste to you,

    As a former Recon Marine who also served barracks duty, we are all very proud of the job that all of our young military personnel have done for our country. I just wish that all of the Americans would get out of the war and it is ended. As a Buddhists I think that the taking of a life is a lessoning of ones own spirit and that person will have to pay for those mistakes in their next reincarnation as they have not learned the life’s lessons that they were sent here to learn in the first place. Enlighten will not come to them… I wish that there was a true real objective to accomplish so that then the military can say we are a success and we can now leave. I don’t see any reason for us still being there. How do you tell which is a good Iraqi or a bad Iraqi? Shoot them first and ask questions later or wait for them to shoot you and you know that they are the enemy. Wait for the car bomb attack but you still don’t know who the real enemy was because how do you know from which or were the real enemy is from? Which one is from which country and how do we tell who the real enemy is from Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, or Al quida? How do we know?

    I am proud though of your service and the service of all the other military service men. I can tell you that long before this war began I used to go out and see the war veterans at our local veteran’s home here near my home. We had even a couple that were over 100 years old at that time that had served in the Spanish American war and a couple that had served in the 1st world war and many, many that had been in WWII several that were from the Korean war and even several that had survived the Vietnam war. This was after all ten years ago or more since I had seen the war veterans at the veterans home that were at 100 or more and some of them that had been in their nineties. I can say though I did meet and talked with them and did visit many of our American hero’s!!!!

    Take care of our war hearo’s and hurt Veterans now!!!!!! Bring the soldiers home!!!!! Impeach the president!!!!!!And his cabinet!!!!!!!

    Peace to you veterans and readers of this and to all my fellow Veteran Marines,

    Namiste to you all,


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