The Guard by Lorie Dunn (poem)

The Guard

by Lorie Dunn
Guest writer
Dandelion Salad

They come dressed in black wearing a mask to perform for the government their assigned task…

Leaving their victims broken and dead dreams left behind, words left unsaid…

You’ve given the morally destitute powers that are absolute

You fell for the ruse of the 6′o clock news

You gave up your voice

You let fear make your choice

You didn’t question

You didn’t ask why they would hide…

Behind a mask

you turned your back on your brother’s plight
and now it’s too big for you to fight…

Your sisters’ pleas you refused
and now you’re left alone and confused…

The hour has come (the truth is so hard)
There is no one left….

To guard against…

“The guard.”

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      • Wow again! What a fast response!
        Not doing too well..was in a coma and came out like a baby …had to relearn everything…6 years ago and still trouble with walking and computer so forgive my errors…I don’t suppose you know where Janet Markley is do you? Lost contact, then Ace died and thus the Portland Free Press..what a terrrible loss…I loss contact with everyone..went underground for awhile to keep my kids safe…a hard life, but definately a memorable one! LOL! And you???

        • That’s fantastic! I have grown lazy….sigh…just researching and posting alot of other people’s stuff…i notice almost all of Ace’s stuff has been removed from the sad…Keep it up! And keep in touch!

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