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By Layla Anwar

07/27/07 “ICH

I am not sure if you heard that on your news wherever you are, but 13 American soldiers met their fate yesterday in Adhamiya alone.

You know Adhamiya don’t you? The Ghetto of the 21st century. You know, come on now…The Aushwitz wall of Adhamiya.
And (and this is important info) contrary to “popular” belief, according to what I heard, the explosives used were NOT made in Iran.

Petraeus and the Farsee Mullahs have had you dancing on one leg and jingling the war alerts bells with another…Now you grow up and listen to real politics on the ground – hot from the Iraqi oven.

This little bit of info was expanded upon when two seemingly non related incidents took place. And you know as well as I do that the devil hides in the detail.

In a previous post I mentioned two relatives who have been detained and imprisoned by the American occupier.

The first one, Omar was transferred from an American run prison to a prison in Southern Iraq run by the Mahdi Militias.
Seems that they are more proficient at extracting information than the yankees. Mind you, you did not fare too badly yourselves.

To cut a long story short, the prison was bombed and we still don’t know exactly by whom and Omar is very probably dead.

This is one instance of a real solid cooperation on security matters between the Americans and the militias run by Iran. Not bad huh ?

Now the second one is Kamel. Finally we have news of Kamel.
Kamel 60’s – as you may recall – was arrested by the Americans and the alleged charges are “insurgency”.
I mean, Kamel cannot even lift a hammer let alone carry weapons. But that is not the crux of the matter.

What I learned today is that Kamel will be released on condition that a sum of 2 million Iraqi dinars is paid up front to the prison. The sum is in the process of being gathered…But again that is not the main point am driving at.

Now this prison is supposedly run by Americans. And Kamel is allegedly an “insurgent”. How come this “release” sum?

Everything became clearer when I learned that even though this is an “American” prison, it is in fact run by – guess who? Of course the Iranian militias of which Muqtada Al Sadr is king.
So to cut a long torturous story short, a sum of 2 million dinars will be paid to the militias and only then will they sign a paper stating that Kamel is NOT an “insurgent.”

What do you make out of all of this? It is as clear as daylight.
The Americans and the Militias of Iran are cooperating on “important security issues.”
And whom do these security issues involve? Any sunni perceived as anti-occupation and anyone perceived as a potential Resistance sympathizer or maybe a real member of the Resistance.

Conclusion – The Americans and the Iran run militias are targeting the Resistance. And the Resistance has been deliberately lumped with al Qaeda. All Resistance fighthers are considered al Qaeda by the Americans. And Bingo!

Moreover, as if the Americans do not wish to dirty their hands even further, they relegate the real heavy work (of torture) to the militias.
Just a question of PR after the scandalous episodes in Abu Ghraib, Haditha, Falluja, Abeer, etc…

So do remember these two little incidents next time you get on your bandwagon…

The following bits of info will complete the picture further. And do not come and complain that you have not been told.

Seems there is contest going on between Adhamiya and Ameriya as to whose wall is tallest.
Latest news from Ameriya (a sooneee stronghold) confirm that the Ameriya wall is nearly complete and is higher than the Adhamiya wall.

Nadia wanted to return to her district, Ameriya. She had to take two cabs to get to Ameriya “gates”. Then from Ameriya “gates” after security clearance, she had to take another 3 cabs to get home. At each check point within the Ameriya district, they forced her to change cabs. Needless to tell you that Nadia spends over half of her salary on cabs and she is left with 20 dollars to feed her kids.

In Adhamiya, American tanks are stationed on every single street corner.
They (the yankees) have gone as mad as rabid dogs since yesterday…so I was told.
Inhabitants of Adhamiya are literally buried at home, soaking in sweat, no water, no possibility to go and buy food and no electricity with an average temperature reaching 53C.
I pray that Radhee survives it this time around.

In the Karrada district two days ago, 25 Iraqis were killed by a mysterious explosion.
Today the same happened with a roughly similar number of dead and around 8 injured. According to reliable sources, no one really knows who is behind these explosions. And again contrary to common belief, it is no longer car bombs but explosive devices placed in Buildings.

A similar kind of explosion took place in al-Mansur today.

This new tactic has one clear purpose, in my opinion: “Bring the whole thing down”. If you see what I mean.

These are little puzzles, pieces that form what “American Academia” of Political Science refer to as ” creative chaos ” and some prefer to call it “creative destruction”.

Needless to add that Iran is doing her wonderful share in the “creative” american “surge”. It has become self-evident by now.

From Outside of Iraq – Syria & Jordan.

The Iraqi refugeee crisis is deepening to the point of another “creative chaos” and to a point of “no return”. Mark my words.

All of the refugees interviewed whether in Syria or in Jordan unequivocally state the same things:

– the Iraqi government is doing absolutely nothing to alleviate their ever deteriorating conditions. No funds are available, no money transfers, pensioners are forced to return to Baghdad to receive their meager paychecks. Many of them do not make it back to the host country. They are killed by bandits or by the militias.
Suhair’s husband is a “living” example. He went back to get his paycheck and was shot in the head by the Mahdi boys right in front of his doorstep, leaving Suhair a widow at the age of 33 with three kids to feed.

All the refugees interviewed shout out the same cry of despair:

“The queues at the Iraqi embassy are so long. We start queuing at the crack of dawn, for help, for a passport, for assistance, for information… When we are finally received if they ever accept to receive us, they treat us like STRANGERS, as if they are not from us and we are not from them.”

Do remember that all of the Iraqi embassies worldwide are now run by Kurds and of course sectarians with loyalties to who else? but Iran. Ask any refugee and s/he will concur to that.

And they add: “They think because we left the country, we are their enemies. But we were forced to leave from the violence. So now they force us to go back so we get killed.”

They also state that: “The U.N has done absolutely nothing for us. Apart from giving us application forms to fill and that was that.”

Iraqi refugees are now considered to be a heavy burden by both the host countries and by the Iraqi government.

Their number outside of Iraq is 2.2 million and they are mainly concentrated in Syria and Jordan. Most of them have NO access to schooling, decent housing, basic necessities, food, health care and jobs. They are not allowed to work. Period.

The remaining 2.2 are displaced within Iraqi borders and live in tents or in someone else’s home. They too have NO access to anything.

These Iraqi refugees are the Mosaic of Iraq. They are sunnis, shias, yezidis, christians – assyrians, chaldeans, telkef – kurds, sabaeans, armenians…

The Mosaic is now in exile. You can do something to save it. You failed the first time around, do something now, at least for them. Them on the outside. They are reachable. They are in a different kind of oven but still reachable. You owe it to them. You owe it to yourselves.

One another note, 2000 Iraqis were finally granted entry to the U.S – Michigan to be more precise. They do facilitate entries for christian Iraqis.
But the locals have already started complaining. The Iraqis are placing an undue burden on the Michigan economy. (here for full story).
Already? They have not even landed yet.

Tell you what – ask your President and his gangsters to pay for them and maintain them and they ought to live like royalty in friggin Michigan.
After all, you still have not given me an answer as to what happened to the 20 Billion Dollars from the Iraqi treasury – i.e Iraqi money that your Bremer stole.

Now you pay, bunch of bastards. You pay for this hellish oven of your creation.

Layla Anwar, Who am I? The eternal Question. Have not figured it out fully yet. All you need to know about me is that I am a Middle Easterner, an Arab Woman – into my 40’s and old enough to know better. I have no homeland per se. I live in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Egypt simultaneously …. All the rest is icing on the cake. Visit her blog

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