Republicans: Too “Important” for YouTube Debate? (video)

Dandelion Salad

Don’t let the Republican candidates back down from their YouTube debate, scheduled for September 17th.

Like the Democrats, they should be willing to face the American people directly.

Please distribute this video to as many people as you can, and encourage the candidates to save the debate!

You can sign the petition at:


You Boobs – News For Real by Stephen Pizzo

4 thoughts on “Republicans: Too “Important” for YouTube Debate? (video)

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  3. i say we should have the debate anyway at the scheduled day and time…and if turns out to be just a debate between ron paul and *that other guy*, well then, all the better for them.

    obviously, they are very afraid of all the attention ron paul has been getting from the previous debates. that is why they will continue to stall national exposure like this until the primaries.

    we can’t let this happen!


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