The New World Order is Here! + ZEITGEIST, The Movie – Official Release – Full Film (videos)

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New World Order Government Conspiracy


Nov 3, 2008

If you’re not worried about The New World Order, you will be. Everything that’s needed for the rich and powerful to run every aspect of your life is in place. Within a few years there will be a cashless one world government, run by the richest people in the world. You will be “chipped” and tracked by the government, and if you protest, speak out, or otherwise displease Big Brother, your chip will be turned off, preventing you from buying or selling anything. The plan has started and in 2008, the “North American Union” will effectively eliminate the borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico. Also in 2008, you will be required to have a national I.D., soon after to become an implanted chip.

These scenes are taken from a video available at I suggest you go there and watch the whole thing. It’s about 2 hours long.


ZEITGEIST, The Movie – Official Release – Full Film

1 hr 56 min 23 sec – Jun 26, 2007

ZEITGEIST, The Movie – Official Release – Full Production (including the ‘Overture’)

What does Christianity, 911 and The Federal Reserve have in common?

Overture: 0:00-9:34 Part 1: 9:35-35:53 Part 2: 35:54-1:09:16 Part 3: 1:09:17-1:56:23

Please visit for information and the full source list for this work.

DocumentaryWIRE on Sep 29, 2011


Zeitgeist Part One Exposed: The Film

Zeitgeist Refuted + Zeitgeist Debunked (videos)

Zeitgeist, The Movie – Remastered/Final Edition

10 thoughts on “The New World Order is Here! + ZEITGEIST, The Movie – Official Release – Full Film (videos)

  1. Los medios nos meten miedo, apaguen la tele y pónganse a leer.
    Media makes us feel with fear, turn off the television and start to read.

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  3. I’d like to redact my comments on this, better minds than mine have weighed in, I’ll look and learn before I have anything to say on this Zeitgeist~

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  5. Namiste,

    Makes you wonder who the government hired to do it. Some body knows who did it. They should prosecute the owner and maybe he’ll come forward and tell who did it, or would he conveniently disappear before having to turn up before congress or a investigative committee?

    I wished I knew how to get this information on my sight to for everyone to see. This is like so cool and great. The information I mean…

    I am surprised that they haven’t been charged yet with treason to the American people and for destroying the lives and killing hundreds of Americans and other countries citizens.

    New order Imperialization … makes us all afraid of terrorists.

    The 1 % owns all of the 99% how can that continue to be allowed. If you’re working for some one else’s company you’re that companies slave….

    Soon we’ll all be monitored and have no more freedoms. Their main plan is to take away all of our civil liberties.

    Namiste peace with you my friend,

    NOTICE: Due to (U.S.) Presidential Executive Orders, the National
    Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or
    notice, in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  6. I liked it, and found few faults, except for the conclusion that Jesus/horus/mithra/Krishna is a hoax, rather than a recurrance of Christ-conscious teachers whose messages of universal truths are then “spun” for social control by churches and states. They all naturally reflect astrology because it is a fractile holographic (non-local) multiverse, and everything, each part, reflects the whole. Right?

  7. remember to study the works of jordan maxwell on the occult and the books, “the creature from jekyll island” from g. edward griffin, upon which much of the research is based in the third part in the film.

    also, check out “the naked capitalist” which goes into the collectivist ideologies of those rockefeller/morgan/rothschild banking dynasties, which in turn can be traced back to the secret societies of cecil rhodes and professor john ruskin, who was a dedicated disciple of the system of the collectivist government established in plato’s republic–which, in turn, is based on a larger work by clinton’s “mentor” professor carroll quigley called “tragedy and hope” that explains the operations of the international cartel that has hijacked our government and is even now installing all the planks of the communist manifesto–starting, of course, with our own central bank, the federal reserve.

    remember, you always have more to fear from the radical left than the radical right. free markets will not kill you–but the state will.


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