Want to Fight Back Against the Right Wing Noise Machine? by John R Moffett

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by John R Moffett
July 28, 2007 at 08:04:52

Last week Bill O’Reilly made a pitiful attempt to undercut funding for the Yearly KOS meeting by trying to get Jet Blue to pull support. O’Reilly said that the Daily KOS was a “hate site”. His miniscule attempt pretty much fizzled, but O’Reilly nonetheless claimed total victory because Jet Blue asked for their logo to be removed from the list of sponsors.

The Daily KOS and other progressive web sites are turning the tables on Bill O’Reilly and asking their readers to flood his advertisers with complaints about the hateful nature of his broadcasts.

Two of the advertisers for O’Reilly’s show are Lowes and Home Depot. Lowes appears to have received enough calls to pull ads from O’Reilly’s show (they may have actually pulled them back in January), and now the focus may be turning to Home Depot.

If you are tired of writing your representatives in Congress and getting form letters in return, now is your chance to do something that will have a real effect. Nothing sends conservatives running for the hills like a threat to their revenue streams. Money screams, so let your money do the work for you by shopping elsewhere, and by telling Home Depot that you are doing so because they advertise on a “hate show” called the O’Reilly Factor, which airs on “Fox News”.

O’Reilly is going to go crazy if that all-powerful “hate site”, the Daily KOS, with our help and the help of other progressive sites, can actually convince more advertisers to pull support for his lying blather.

Home Depot Contact Number:

Call 1-800-430-3376 to speak directly with a Customer Care specialist about your comment or complaint

or email them here.

Dr. John Moffett is an active research neuroscientist in the Washington, DC area, who has published articles on the nervous and immune systems. Dr. Moffett is also the author and webmaster of the political opinion website http://www.Factinista.org.

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6 thoughts on “Want to Fight Back Against the Right Wing Noise Machine? by John R Moffett

  1. Another great post, thanks, I’ll be contacting soon, actually we should do it to all Bill’s supporters, ….this site can be addictive…t

  2. Good evening, Lo.

    I don’t either, but used to as part of my daily news reading; that is, before many of my friends, who were active at the site, started getting the assclown treatment. A tiny sample of their stories:




    Many former members of Kos and other blog/message board sites like LGF (the worst site out there, unless you’re a certified, superpro-war, neozio-nutcase) and Huffington Post (great content, but from my experience, they rarely allow comments critical of their editors or more prominent bloggers, like Alan Dershowitz, the lying, plagiaristic, pseudo-liberal, pro-torture fink) have found a new home at smaller, less-commercialized, less fascistic, or less paranoid-schizophrenic sites like DissidentVoice, ThePeoplesVoice, Truthdig, and WakeUpFromYourSlumber. And to them, I say WTG.

  3. Many thanks for the heads-up. I just e-mailed Home Depot and advised that Lowe’s will get my business, until HD sees the light. Had no idea these people were supporting O’Reilly’s venom — but, then, how could I know, since I wouldn’t be caught dead watching it?

  4. Fox and Kos deserve each other.

    While I detest O’Reilly and the fascistic, pro-war, anti-Muslim Fox Noise Channel, I have almost as much contempt for the Daily Kos; they’re a “socially-aware and democratic” site, as long as you don’t spend any substantial amount of time and space criticizing Israel or AIPAC-lapdog Democrat presidential candidates, or praise Ron Paul or any other prominent Republican figure.

    Both entities can jump in the lake.

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