Crimes Against Peace – Was The U.S. Invasion Of Iraq Legal or Illegal Under International Law (video)

Crimes Against Peace

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Excellent video

Do any of the charges of illegality we’ve been hearing about have any legal basis at all? And why should we even care about international law anyway?

Going STRAIGHT to the Source… EXPOSING PRESIDENT BUSH!!! by Brigida + Metallica – Disposable Heroes (music video)

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3 thoughts on “Crimes Against Peace – Was The U.S. Invasion Of Iraq Legal or Illegal Under International Law (video)

  1. An Emperor was facing insurgency. His general adviced him thus:
    ‘ Collect the criminals of the land and beyond this land. Give them pardon, release your criminals from jails, give them money to hire a fighting battalion. Give them your flag. Now you have something that can throttle any judge, any bureaucrat, any democrat. Rule by the wicked, of the wicked for the wicked. Sit back and let them ravage the country in your name. Strike fear and terror in the hearts of ordinary citizen. They will forget their rights;only want to live submissively.”
    The emperor did that. He was successful in retaining his rule.
    Then one day he declared:” I AM THE LAW”.
    In the next fifty years his empire was gone. Why?
    Forces cannot subdue rebellions. Rome learnt this lesson. Austria learnt this lesson. Spain learnt this lesson.
    People obey a government of their choice. That is the supreme lesson in POLITICS.

  2. The most important and difficult lesson man must learn is that he is not god.Man has a tendency, when placed at the center of power, his universe, to live as a law to himself.When he tries to play god, everything goes wrong.Man is creature. He must recognize this fact.
    Powerful men, masters of the world, seldom acknowledge his creatureliness.
    This is what is wrong in Pakistan and USA.
    But God is making them submit- notch by notch.

  3. Wow Brigida and Lo,

    I find the cute kitty move to be, very cool and very interesting. I find that yes they have broken international law and have broken many treaties.

    The president had two service men that had lost their legs standing by his side that he had supposedly been running with and to show he supports the Vets and that they still support the war… brain washing by the superiors in charge. The two soldiers that had given their legs to our country should have turned to the president on national TV and asked him hey Mr. President when you were in war and in harms way did you ever almost loose anything? Oh yeah you cowered your way out of Vietnam conflict. I guess we should be speaking with some one who actually has been in harms way being shot at!!!

    No bases in Iraq! No bases in Iraq! No bases in Iraq! War Crimes!!! War crimes!!! War Crimes!!! War crimes!!!

    High Crimes and treason!!! High crimes and treason!!! High Crimes and treason!!! High crimes and treason!!!

    Impeach them now!!!! Impeach them now!!!!! Impeach them now!!!!! Impeach them now!!!!!!

    Namiste and peace my friend,

    The cool cats!!!!
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    Notice, is in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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