Flying robots of Destruction – US Taking War to the Next Level by Yury Zaitsev

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by Yury Zaitsev

Global Research, July 29, 2007

RIA Novosti – 2007-07-27

The U.S. Air Force has unveiled a 25-year program for developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The document lays out a strategy for the project and lists the necessary technologies for this new field of aviation.

Military experts say UAVs will mainly carry air-to-air and air-to-surface guided missiles, as well as smart aviation bombs and cluster bombs, including submunitions with different guidance systems. In the future, new kinds of weapons systems may be installed on UAVs. Currently, work is focused on two areas: adapting available weapons for use on unmanned craft and developing new, specialized weapons.

During the NATO campaign in Yugoslavia, UAVs were employed only for reconnaissance purposes. In Afghanistan, however, troops used a strike craft called the Predator for the first time, detecting and destroying militant groups of various strengths, their bases and sites for launching unguided missiles.

The wide range of available guided weapons makes it possible for UAVs to carry out their missions alone or in conjunction with manned aviation. Because of the enormous payload carried by UAV craft, it is safe to assume that developers will continue to look for ways to make guided aviation weapons smaller.

Directed-energy weapons are also likely to be added to the traditional arsenal of weapons and electronic countermeasures already mounted on UAV craft.

The global spread of UAV technologies has encouraged many do-it-yourself projects using unclassified methods. So these weapons of the future could also be used by terrorists as a sort of kamikaze robots.

Yury Zaitsev is an analyst at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Space Research.

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2 thoughts on “Flying robots of Destruction – US Taking War to the Next Level by Yury Zaitsev

  1. Namiste and peace my friend,

    I am surprised that none of you have seen the UAV’s on the history channel or the military channel that they have been using already. They are small and what might appear to be unnoticeable to radar as they look and appear some what like miniature planes. Like a toy remote plane only a lot more sophisticated and with a lot more hard ware and capabilities in them. Yes it is a very dangerous toy to be playing around with, but does give a army the ability to see and to do reconnaissance and not get shot up while doing so the UAV does it or gets shot up. I myself though fall under the lines I don’t want any one shot on either side. I would rather not see anyone blown up or shot up. The veterans home already has more than enough Veterans in there.!!!!!!

    In a war no one wins except for the Arms manufactures like the ones who invented the UAV’s. I have to say I am not impressed as I had been in Recon for my first two years in the Marine Corps although I think I would have been glad to have that as an aid. At that time we had a life expectancy of with every four men skirmisher crew that went out behind enemy lines no one was ever expected back alive so we had a -4 life expectancy plus the Navy corps men that went with us as well…

    Impeach them now!!!! Impeach them now!!!!! Impeach them now!!!!! Impeach them now!!!!!!

    Namiste and peace my friend,


    NOTICE: Due to (U.S.) Presidential Executive Orders, the National
    Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or
    Notice, is in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  2. Anyone who does not know where this is headed, only need watch the “Terminator” series of movies, with the army of skynet robots in the future… or the “Star Wars” series, with the droid armies and droid war machines.

    Currently the military is simply establishing a ‘beechhead’ in these technologies… so as not to alarm the public… surveilance drone aircraft, mini robots to gather surveilance or deactivate or detonate bombs, and the like. These are sold under the idea they keep ‘our soldiers’ out of harms way and therefore save lives.

    The true reality is, it is only a step away to mount automatic machine guns upon these same platforms that are directed remotely via camera, or artificial intelligence. In fact, pictures are already surfacing with such weapons attached to these hovering vehicles.

    These new ‘soldiers’ are different from human soldiers. They can kill without fear, and without impunity. They never disobey orders. They do not think, they do not feel, they are designed to patrol and kill. The killing is done remotely, far from the controlling entity, and so becomes like a ‘video game’. And by far the worst, unlike human soldiers, these killing weaons that project power on an unprecedented scale, can be mass produced by weapons corporations on as yet unheard of scale.

    In World War 2, the Nazi German Army used Stuka dive bombers to invade Poland and instill terror in the civilian population. Imagine the modern day equivalent, hover craft droids, that patrol house to house or allys, with mounted machine guns, cameras, microphones, and booming speakers. How do you, as a freedom fighter, fight these machines? If you kill one, thousands more can show up, as they are cranked out on an assembly line. They become like the Daleks of the Dr. Who series… like police, when one is attacked, others are radioed in like an army of ants.

    The size of these automated weapons knows no boundaries, and can be as small as a tarnatula and as ambidexterous, or as big or bigger than a current modern tank, or larger. The operator is not in harms way, and can attack without fear. If one machines is destroyed, another can be dispached right behind it, or several can swarm the area.

    This is a frightening trend and all developments of these such weapons should be stopped at all costs. The natural progression of this technology is frightening at best, perpetual human enslavement at worst.

    These engineers and scientists and entrepreneurs and corporate officers who create these automated robot technologies and sell them out to the government for profit, need to understand to their very core, these things they create and sell, can be turned against them, their children, their friends, and their descendents.

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